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Smythies, Bertram Evelyn


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1912, Naini Tal, India.



Was educated in forestry at Oxford University (B.A.); a member of the Burma Forest Service from 1934-48, of the Sarawak Forest Service from 1949 onwards; in the years 1952-56 stationed in Brunei.1 Served in Brunei up to 1959, and was appointed Conservator of Forests in Sarawak in September 1959; retired in 1964.

He recruited and looked after a team of Iban tree-climbers to whose efforts many valuable tree collections are due. He settled in Spain.

Author of ‘The Birds of Burma’ and of a checklist of Borneo birds. He has a large interest in ornithology and is the author of books2 and papers on birds.

Parashorea smythiesii Wyatt-Smith ex Ashton has been named after him.


Collecting localities:

NW. Borneo. Prior to March 1957 in Brunei and in the neighbouring Limbang and Lawas Districts of Sarawak.-1957. Temburung Distr. (Mar. 15-Apr. 10, with G.H.S. Wood and P.S. Ashton); Bt Sagan (535 m), Limbang Distr. (Apr. 19-20); Andulau F.R., Belait Distr. (23-27 with Wood and Ashton); Labi road and Bt Teraja (417 m), Belait Distr. (May 16-23, with Ashton); Kuala Ingei, Ulu Belait (July 5-12, with Ashton); Ulu Temburung (Oct. 31-Nov. 8, with Ashton); Andalau F.R. (Dec. 4-8, 24-27).-1958. Sg. Iran, Ulu Sg. Pelagus, Kapit Distr. (Sept. 14-16); Sg. Medamit, Limbang Distr. (Dec. 9-17).-1959. N. Borneo: Mt Kinabalu along normal route from Tenompok to summit (Feb. 25-Mar. 12, nos S 10601-10650 and 10951-10959).-1960. Sarawak: Mt Matang (910 m) near Kuching (Mar. 13, Apr. 3, May 29, July 4), G. Gading (884 m) Lundu Distr. (Apr. 12-14); Tiang Bekap on Padawan Rd, Kuching Distr. (June 3-6, with J.A.R. Anderson); Sg. Sabal Tapang, Serian-Simanggang Rd (Aug. 4-9, with J. Sinclair and J.A.R. Anderson); G. Berumput and G. Kanyi (1554m) in Pueh Range, Lundu Distr. (Aug. 25-30); Sg. Lajang, Sg. Bena (Ulu Sg. Sut), Kapit Distr. (Oct. 2-7).-1961. Mt Matang and Mt Selang area, near Kuching (Sept. 29 with E.J.H. Corner, Oct. 24-27); Sg. Sabal Tapang on Serian-Simanggang Rd (Oct. 16-18); G. Pueh F. R. at Sungei Sebat Kechil near Sematan (Nov. 4-10). N. Borneo: Mt Kinabalu, Hot Springs area with Roy. Soc. Expedition (July 4-24).-1962. With B.L. Burtt and P.J.B. Woods to Bako National Park (May 17-20), Niah cave (June 3-11), Pelagus Rapids area Kapit Distr. (July 19-24).



Mainly Dipterocarpaceae from Brunei, in Herb. Brunei (Forest Office) [BRUN]; dupl. in Kepong [KEP] from where specimens will be distributed to Kuching [SAR], Sandakan [SAN], Kew [K], Bogor [BO], Leiden [L], Arn. Arb. [A].

Specialising in Dipterocarpaceae, Nepenthaceae, and Ericaceae, and all trees attaining timber size. Brunei, Limbang and Lawas collections in Herb. Brunei [BRUN], dupl. distributed through Kepong [KEP]. Collections 1957-59 jointly with P.S. Ashton and distributed under Brunei nos. From Sept. 1959 onwards in Herb. Sarawak [SAR].



(1) Author of ‘Forests and Forestry in Brunei’ (Mal. For. 19, 1956, p. 19-24, 4 photogr.).

(2) ‘The Birds of Burma’ (Edinburgh 1953); ‘The Birds of Borneo’ (Edinburgh 1960).