Collecting localities




Versteeg, Gerard Martinus


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1876, Zeist, U., Holland. Died: 1943, The Hague, Holland.



Physician who joined two expeditions (as physician-botanist) to Surinam, respectively in 1903/04 and 1904/05; in 1905 appointed Medical Officer in the D.E.I. Army, in which capacity he joined two South New Guinea expeditions (see below), during the first of which, in 1907, undertaking besides the botany department, during the second the zoology department. In 1922 he retired; from 1928-31 Chief Government Physician in the Civil Health Department (for plague control) in the D.E.I.; in 1936 he settled at Delft, Holland.

The genus Versteegia Valeton and several plant species are named in his honour (cf. Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936).


Collecting localities:

1st Lorentz Expedition to Dutch S. New Guinea, 1907,1 cf. also sub J.M. Dumas and Djibja. Sailing from Soerabaja (Apr. l7); going up the Lorentz River (= Noordrivier) (May 3); Bivak Island (10); Sabang, van Weel’s camp; Alkmaar bivouac (July 2-Aug. 16); going by land (Aug. 17) via the Resi Mts (900 m) to the Hellwig Mts (summit 2320 m alt.), staying from Sept. 4-7, and subsequently returning to Resi bivouac; some members (not Versteeg!) making reconnaissances of the Reiger and Dumas rivers from the end of Sept. to early in Oct., while Versteeg set out to Sabang (he had collected near the Reiger River in May-June); leaving Lorentz River (Oct. 25); Merauke (Oct. 28-Nov. 30); via Dobo (Aroe Islands) (Dec. 4), Timor-Koepang (9), back to Soerabaja (15) and Priok (19).-3rd Scientific Dutch S. New Guinea Expedition under Franssen Herderschee, 1912-13.2 Itinerary cf. sub A.A. Pulle. The latter botanist was not allowed to join the ascent of the summit of Mt Wilhelmina, and Versteeg made the botanical collection during that part of the trip, in Febr. 1913 collecting along the following route: Wichmannberg to Hubrecht Mts and back, Kajan Mts, Oranje Mts. Waterval Mts, Meerbivak, Quarles Valley, Lake Quarles; the highest point of the summit of Mt Wilhelmina was reached on Febr. 21.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: 1973 nos of the 1st Lorentz Exp. 1907, and the nos 2401-2546 of the Franssen Herderschee Exp. 1913. Dupl. in Herb. Utrecht [U]: New Guinea 1907/08; Leiden [L]: 412 New Guinea plants (pres. 1909/10); Kew [K], Berlin [B].

The collections were elaborated.3

In 1907 he was assisted by mantri Djibja who collected living plants on behalf of Hort. Bog.



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