Collecting localities




Zijll de Jong, Johannes van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1905, Weltevreden, Java.



Forest Officer, educated at Wageningen Agricultural College, joined the D.E.I. Forest Service in 1930. At the outset he was stationed in Central Java, in July 1931 transferred to Celebes, and in 1937 to West Borneo.


Collecting localities:

Celebes, 1932-36.1 Mostly in SW. Celebes, e.g. on the Peak of Bonthain (Lompobatang) (1933),2 and on the other summit Bawakraëng (Oct. 9, 1933); also in Centr. Celebes: Malili (1933-34).-W Borneo, 1937-41.3



Herb. Bog. [BO]: The plants from the Peak of Bonthain (Celebes) numbered 3-32. The Borneo material includes some ‘padang’ plants.

Herb. For. Res. Inst. Buitenzorg [BZF]: material from Celebes and Borneo.



(1) Some typed reports on Celebes trips in Forest Research Institute, Buitenzorg.

(2) J. van Zijll de Jong: ‘Een tocht naar den Lompobatang (Piek van Bonthain)’ (Meded. N.I. Ver. Bergsport no 8, 1934, p. 11-15).

(3) Some typed reports on W. Borneo, in Forest Research Institute, Borneo.