Collecting localities




Zimmermann, W.F.A.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



When settled as a young physician at Batavia, accompanied a voyage o/b the trader ‘Van der Kapellen’ as scientific collector in the employ of the business-man van der Kapellen.1 Through the intermediary of a business-friend at Rotterdam a library of thousand books, for use on board, was ordered. As the latter, however, did not know chalk from cheese, he passed the order to an English firm without further indications. The latter sent all it wanted to get rid of at exorbitant prices, and accordingly the consignment consisted of beautifully-bound volumes, including theological, juridical works, etc.!


Collecting localities:

c. 1860. Sailing from Batavia; Lesser Sunda Islands: Bali, Timor (Koepang), Ombai (= Alor), Timor (Dilly); Moluccas: Banda (G. Api), Boeroe (Cajeli), Ambon, Ceram; Dutch SW. New Guinea: Triton Bay; Torres Straits; Pacific Islands: Solomon Islands, Vanikoro, Fiji Islands, Tonga Islands, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands; Bismarck Archipelago: New Ireland, New Britain; Dutch NW. New Guinea: Doré; Moluccas: Ambon, Ternate; N. Celebes: Manado, and trip inland; SW. Celebes: Makassar and trip inland; Sulu Archipelago; Borneo: Sarawak, Pontianak, and from there taking a short cut by boat to Bandjermasin; Philippines, Luzon: Manila, Laguna, Taal Volcano, Laguna Bangbang, E. coast, San Mattheo Cave; Pacific Islands: Marianas, Sandwich Isis, Marquesas Isis, Tahiti, Peliu Isis, Carolines, Radack Isis, Sandwich Isis, Tahiti, Gambir Archipelago, Easter Islands, Cape Horn, and back to Java.



The collections were made on behalf of van der Kapellen. Possibly plants were collected too.



(1) W.F.A. Zimmermann: ‘Die Inseln der indischen and stillen Meeres. Reise eines holländischen Arztes u. Naturforschers von Java über Timor, die Molucken, Neu Guinea and Neu-Seeland durch d. Tonga- u. Fidji Arch., durch Celebes, Borneo u. Sumatra ti.d. Carolinen, Philippinen ü.d. Sandwich-Inseln u. Otaheite’ (Leipzig 1863-65, 3 vols).