Collecting localities





(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: ± 1901



An Indonesian, in 1919 already in the employ of the Herbarium at Buitenzorg, in later years appointed ‘mantri’. He attended several expeditions; during some he independently made plant collections.


Collecting localities:

1937. NE. Borneo. With Expedition Mrs M.E. Walsh (see there). Environs of Sangkoelirang (Apr. 14-June 28), collecting at the following localities: Karl Orang (= prob. Sg. Kaliorang) (Apr. 14-20); Maloewi, G. Dajak, pinggir laoet (sea coast) and G. Batoe Ampar (22-24) and Kari Orang again; Pelawan besar and ketjil, G. Toda, G. Tembakan, G. Ketapang (low hills only), Babi Djolong, Daga Oenan, Sampajau, Malawai and Mangapoe; in the environs of Samarinda: Ten ggarong (July 2-5).-1938. Attending Buwalda (see there) to Aroe & Tanimber Islands.-1939. With Expedition L.J. van Dijk (see there) to P. Jap(p)en: Saroerai near Seroei-G. Wawah-Mentemboe (July 22); Seroei (23), Kainoei (25), Samberi (26), Saroerai near Seroei (27), Antam near Seroei (29). kp. Batoe (30), Wamiami (Aug. 1), Semèmi (2), Randomi (3), Fèrèrifi (4), Mariaroti (10), Wasabori (11-16), Sg. Soemboi near Seroei (17), Sg. Arompaul near Seroei (18), Kaunda (19), Wandèsi (21), Kamioraro (22-23), Sg. Papoma (24) Mariadai (26-29), G. Hirong (30), Mariadai (Sept. 1, 8), Seroei (9-11), Sg. Memperawaja (16-17), Soemberbaba (17); van Dijk and Idjan (see there) to Biak, Aët staying behind on account of ill health; Seroei (Sept. 22-26).-1941. With E. Lundquist (see there) to W. and S. New Guinea. SW. New Guinea, near Babo: Tisa (May 8), Moetoeri (11-12), Anakasi (14-16), Jakati (19), Rorièsi (22), P. Kraka (23); Kaimana (June 3-4); Dutch S. New Guinea, near Oeta: Sg. Oemar (12), Sg. Si-èra (Djiera) (16-19), Najaja (20-22), Aria (26-28), Aën-doea (July 1-14), Japakopa (17), Patawai (20-21), Boeroe (23), Tarèra (27-29); SW. New Guinea: Kaimana (Aug. 2); near Kaimana: Sg. Bianoga, kp. Aergoeni (9); S of Babo, Sjoga (10), Babo (13-23); near Babo: Agonda (25).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: from Exp. Walsh nos 1-654; from Exp. van Dijk nos 1-845, 956-1000, for the greater part numbered too in the bb. series of the Forest Research Institute [BZF]; from Exp. Lundquist nos 1-731. Dupl. Exp. Walsh in Herb. Brit. Mus. [BM]

From New Guinea Exp. Lundquist he brought home living seeds for Hort. Bog. [BO]