Collecting localities




Alnoor, Abraham


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1733, Stockholm, Sweden. Died: 1805, Stockholm, Sweden



Son of a wine-merchant of Dutch descent; silk-manufacturer at Stockholm from 1756.

For several years in the employ of the Swedish East India Company, from 1773-88 as supercargo accompanying five voyages to the East (see below).

In 1779 he corresponded with C.P. Thunberg on Sparrman’s collections of the Cape, Batavia, and Ceylon, etc.1


Collecting localities:2 

2nd Assistant in the ‘Cronprins Gustaf’, Dec. 1767-June 1769.-1st Assistant in the ‘Finland’, 1769-71 (see C.G. Ekeberg).-In the ‘Finland’, Jan. 1773-June 1774 (Capt. J. Selle).-In the ’Stockholms Slott’, Jan. 1777-June 1778 (see also P.J. Bladh, and H.P. Wennerberg; Capt. P. Pettersson), meeting C.P. Thunberg in Sunda Straits3 on July 11, 1777.-In the ‘Finland’, March 1780-July 1781 (Capt. Nicl. Almroth).-In the ‘Gustaf III’, Feb. 1783-June 1784 (Capt. M. von Krusenstierna).-In the ‘Gustaf Adolph’, Jan. 1787-July 1788 (Capt. J. Spindler).



He presented East Indian plants to Herb. Bergius (= Herb. R. Swed. Ac. Sc. Stockholm [SBT]).4



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