Collecting localities




Bal, A.J.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1901, Zierikzee, Z., Holland.



Was educated at the Colonial Agricultural School at Deventer; since 1929 appointed Agricultural Officer in the D.E.I., successively stationed at Buitenzorg and Palembang (S. Sumatra); Pontianak (W. Borneo), end of 1929-31;1 Djambi (Centr. Sumatra), Dec. 1931-32; Benkoelen (S. Sumatra), 1932-35; after European furlough, at Moektihardjo (Res. Japara-Rembang in Centr. Java), 1936-37; Tandjong Karang (S. Sumatra), 1937-40. He was dismissed on account of unfitness, receiving half-pay; in 1941 employed as Departmental Clerk at Buitenzorg and subsequently at Medan.


Collecting localities:

S. Sumatra: pr. Martapoera (Palembang) (Febr. 1930); W. Borneo, in coconut plantations (Sept. 1931).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: 63 nos (1-64, no 32 absent) from S. Sumatra, and 26 nos (nos 121-150, with G.A. de Mol, see there) from Borneo. Also material of ‘tengkawang’ trees, belonging to the genus Shorea (cf. sub Anonymous in 1929, probably identical).



(1) Author of a mimeographed report on the ‘Tengkawang’ of West Borneo (in Dutch, 1932); ‘De tengkawang in de Westerafdeeling van Borneo’ (Landbouw 9, 1933/34, p. 211-278, 9 fig.; extract of the former, including English summary).