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Barton, Francis Rickman


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1865. Died: 1947.



Captain of the British Army; from 1899 in Papua, Commandant of the Armed Native Constabulary, in 1902 Res. Magistrate Central Division, 1904-07 holding the post of Administrator; in April 1907 on leave of absence, resigning in April 1908, and subsequently in Zanzibar.

Platyclinis bartoni Ridl. and Cassia bartonii Baillon were named after him.


Collecting localities:











SE. New Guinea, Papua. 1899. Accompanying le Hunte (see there, on May 17th). In Nov. from Darn Isl. to Paho Isl. and Bugi, east of the mouth of the Wai Kusa.-1900.2 Near the Morehead River (Febr.); Gulf of Wanari (July) (these trips1 in the company of G.R. le Hunte (see there)). Punitive exp. with J.A. Blayney and A.C. English (see there) etc.3 to the Doriwaida or Dorevaida tribe in Punea Burn (starting Sept. 2) crossing the Main Range into the territory of Okaude, examining Domara and Adau Rivers; ditto with English to the Kemp-Welch District: departure from Port Moresby (Oct. 23), via Kapa-Kapa to Rigo Station (leaving on the 26th); back at Rigo (Nov. 22).-1901. With le Hunte:4 from Port Moresby (Jan. 11) to Kabadi, Morabi, rowing up the Apisi, to Matapaila and Kopuana, Keweo and back to Matapaila; via Nanuabaka (14) to the coast, mouth of the Aroa; Delena; Ethel River (17), ascending the latter and the Bioto; on foot to Ina Wabui; St Joseph River (18) and Mekeo Station; back to Yule Island (20). Doriri punitive exp.5 via the Wanigela (= Kemp-Welch River) in April.-1902.6 From Port Moresby (July 13) via Sogeri to Seremina, west of the upper course of the Kemp-Welch River, and back to Port Moresby (25). By boat (Sept. 25) to Hall Sound, visiting Mekeo District (- Oct. 11), the 18th setting out for the Kumaweka tribe on the upper course of the Biaru, and back at Port Moresby (Nov. 3). Mekeo District (Nov. 15-25). Boat excursion (Dec. 2-7) to Kapa-Kapa, Kaile and Tupuselei.-1903.7 Inspection of the eastern portion of the central division: from Port Moresby (July 21) via Kapa-Kapa to Rigo; inland patrol (29) to the upper waters of the Kemp-Welch River, Gauwada, Gubai-Goro (Pyramid Hill Range); Aug. 5 to Kuaipo near the head of Hood’s Lagoon, Kerepunu; villages between Hula and Cheshunt Bay (Aug. 8-16); starting inland (18), Domui (20), Doriwaida; back at the coast (Sept. 4) and inspection there until the departure to Port Moresby (19). From that date several short tours of inspection up and down the coast to the beginning of J an. 1904.-1904.8 For January see sub 1903; in Fehr. on leave on account of illness. In Aug. short inland journey from Port Moresby to the head waters of the Kemp-Welch River, also visiting Sogeri and Warirata. Early in Sept. to Kapa-Kapa, Rigo, Samarai, Kwato, Cape Nelson (Sept. 12); inspection through the northern division: Buna, starting to Kokoda (15), Yodda field, Tamata by way of Papangi and Bogi, joining the ‘Merrie England’ again at the Mambare River mouth (Oct. 3); Oro Bay, short inland visit to the Baruga and Agaiambo tribes, Cape Nelson (Oct. 11), Mukawa, Cape Vogel, Wedau, Goodenough Bay, Samarai, Woodlark Isl., Dobu; Port Moresby (Oct. 28). Inland expedition from Port Moresby (Dec. 10) to Kokoda via Sogeri, Uberi, Wamai, Manarem Kagi and Segerina and back at Port Moresby (Jan. 7, 1905).-1905.8-9 Visit of inspection to the west (sailing Febr. 4): Darn, Orokolo, Bailala, Hall Sound, Port Moresby (March 9). Inspection in the district east of Port Moresby (May 2-July 16) : Samarai, Cape Nelson, Kokoda, Tamata, Cape Nelson, Samarai, Dobu, Trobriand Islands, Woodlark Island, villages in the Milne Bay, Fyfe Bay, Milport Harbour, Port Moresby. From Port Moresby (Nov. 22), via Kapa-Kapa, Rigo, Samarai (24), Cape Nelson, Mambare River, Tamata Station, Ioma, Ope River (Dec. 4), climbing Duwera Hill; Cape Nelson (6), ascending the hills at the back of the Station (8); Trobriand Islands, Woodlark Isl., Dobu, Cape Vogel, Cape Nelson (19) and some hills in the peninsula, Mambare River, Ioma; Jan. 2, 1906 via Samurai back to Port Moresby (9).-1906.9-10 For the first part of Jan. see sub 1905. Inspection of the western division (Jan. 27-Febr. 22): Yule Isl., Daru (Jan. 30-Febr. 6), Kaimare, Goaribari (10), Daru, Orokolo and walk along the coast as far as Kerema, by land to Silo (Febr. 20), by steamer to Hall Sound, and back to Port Moresby. East of Port Moresby (May 21-June 15): Kapa-Kapa, Aroma, Dedele, Mailu Isl., Millport Harbour (May 27), Samarai, islands lying to the south-east, Samarai, Dedele, Kerepunu, walking to Hula via Kale, back to Port Moresby. Leaving for Yule Isl. (Aug. 11), visiting the Mekeo villages as far as Rarai, on the 25th returning to Port Moresby. From Port Moresby (Sept. 11) to Samarai (13), Woodlark Isl., Trobriand Islands, Buna Bay (18), Samarai (28), Cape Nelson, Buna (30), Samarai (Oct. 2), Port Moresby (6). Leaving Port Moresby (Dec. 22) by boat to Kerema (28-30 stay), Yule Isl., back at Port Moresby (Jan. 12, 1907).



He forwarded several lots of plant specimens to F.M. Bailey11 for examination; in Herb. Brisbane [BRI]. In Herb. Brit. Mus. [BM]: 22 New Guinea phanerogams (pres. 1907; the same number mentioned in Report for 1909, probably a mistake); Herb. Sing. [SING] (pres. 1903).



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Who’s who (Engl.); Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.