Collecting localities




Baume, Joseph


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Addenda & Corrigenda)


Born: 1810, Toulon, France.



Naval Surgeon during the voyage of ‘La Favorite’ (cf. also sub Eydoux).

Melastoma baumeanum Naud. was named after him.1


Collecting localities:

Voyage in ‘La Favorite’, 1830-32.2 Sailing from Toulon (Dec. 30, 1829), via Gorde, Bourbon, the Cape, Seychelles, Pondicherry, Madras; Malacca (Aug. 10 or 14, 1830), Prince of Wales Isl. (= P. Penang), Singapore (17-25); Aug. 25 reaching the China Sea and via P. Condor to the Philippine Islands: Luzon, Manil(l)a (Sept. 4-Oct. 31 or Nov. 2); Macao, China, Macao, Cochin­China;

in Luzon4: environs of Mercati, St. Nicolas, villages on the river of Manila (= ? Pasig), environs of the large lake of Manila; Natoena Islands:5 P. Sèdanaoung (= Sedanau) (March 1831); Anambas Islands:5 Siantan (March-Apr.). Anambas & Natoena Islands (March-Apr. 1831, e.g. visiting P. Djemadja and P. Mobour (= Moeboer); E. Java: Soerabaja (Apr. 14, 1831), under sail (May 10), touching at Soemenep (Isl. Madoera) (May 21), Panaroekan, Banjoewangi (May 27); making some trips in E. Java; June 1 sailing for New Holland, New Zealand, Chili, Brazil, France (Toulon, April 22, 1832).


Herb. Paris [P].3 See also Addenda. de Wildeman described Algae from Malacca Straits collected by Baume, probably the same.



(1) cf. Ann. Sci. Nat. sér. 3, vol. 13, 1849, p. 289.

(2) La Place: ‘Voyage autour du monde par les mers de l’Inde et de Chine exécuté sur la corvette de l’état la Favorite, pendant les Années 1830, 1831, et 1832 publié par ordre de M. le Vice Amiral Comte de Rigny ministre de la Marine et Colonies’ (Paris 1833-35, 4 vols).

Also in Ann. Marit. et Colon. 1831 and 1832.

(3) It is quite possible that some of his plants (from Anambas and Malacca) originating from this expedition, were dealt with by J. Decaisne in ‘Voyage autour du monde sur la frégate la Vénus, Cdt. Abel du Petit Thouars, pendant les années 1836-39. Botanique.’ (tome 52, 1864 (probably a printer's error for 1846) + atlas, 1846). The ‘Vénus’ itself never was in the mentioned localities.

Radlkofer in his ‘Sapindaceae Holl. Ind.’ (Extr. Act. Congr. Internat. Bot. etc. Amsterdam 1877, 1878, p. 89) refers to Guioa pleuropteris collected by Baume in Anambas & Natoena Islands in 1832; this rightly should be 1831.

(4) cf. Plant list in Arch. Herb. (Phanérog.) Paris. It includes 2 nos from Malacca Strait, 133 from Luzon, 5 from Singapore (incl. 2 ferns), 34 from P. Sedanau and 38 from Siantan + ferns.

(5) A MS. description of the Anambas and Natoena Islands in Arch. Herb. (Phanérog.) Paris too.