Collecting localities




Blum, Gebhard


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1888, Lüchingen, St Gallen, Switzerland.



Since 1914 Assistant at the Freiburg Botanical Institute, Switzerland; University Lecturer, in later years appointed Professor there. He visited Java in 1930-31, stayed for some months at Buitenzorg, working as a guest in the Foreigners’ Laboratory of the Botanic Gardens.1


Collecting localities:

Aug. 1930-March 1931. W. Java: Botanic Gardens and Economic Garden of the Gen. Agric. Exp. Stat. Buitenzorg; Mountain Garden Tjibodas (slope G. Gedeh, Aug. 29-Sept. 9, 1930); E. Java: Pasoeroean (Oct. 8-15), Pasir Poetih (18-21), Baloeran (Sitoebondo, 23), Poeger (Oct. 30-Nov. 1); W. Java: environs of Buitenzorg, e.g. Tjiboerial (Dec.); P. Onrust, Bay of Batavia (Dec.); mangrove Batavia; Mountain Garden Tjibodas and slope G. Gedeh (Dec. 30-Febr. 1, 1931); Centr. Java: Noesa Kambangan (island S of Java, Febr.).



Herb. Bot. Inst. Freiburg [FBMN, now in KR]: c. 390 nos. The plants were partly identified at the Buitenzorg Herbarium, those from E. Java by C.A. Backer (Pasoeroean).



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cf. Dammerman in Ann. Jard. Bot. Buit. 45, 1935, p. 50.