Collecting localities




Borgman S.V.D., Father Ernst


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)



Alexishafen; a student of the Max Planck Inst. für Züchtungsforschung at Cologne, spent several months in the Eastern and Western Highlands, Territory of New Guinea, collecting herbarium specimens and the corresponding cytological material.1


Collecting localities:

1960. Territory of New Guinea: 4 weeks on the E. slope of Mt Wilhelm in the alpine zone, and again in Sept. and Nov., climbing the summit (4700 m) three times; other collections in the Upper Chimbu Valley between Mogl (near Kundiawa) and Denglagu, above Keglsugl airfield up to Komanemambuno (the Pengagl River camp of 1959 Archbold Exp.) and in the Middle and Upper Wahgi River valley (Mt Hagen, Fatima, Banz, Nondugl, Minj, Mingende, Kondiu, Nera Gaima).



454 nos, in Herb. Lae [LAE], Herb. Leiden [L],and ? Edinb. [E] (as E. Bergman).



(1) Author of: ‘Anteil der Polyploiden in der Flora des Bismarckgebirges von Ostneuguinea’ (Zeit. Dot. 52, 1964, p. 118-172, 1 map, 21 fig.).