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Bridge, Cyprian A. G.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Captain of the British war-ship ‘Espiègle’, in which he made various journeys;1 at the end of Dec. 1884 he embarked at Sydney on the ‘Dart’, to hoist the British flag on the east coast of New Guinea from East Cape to the Gulf of Huon, and in the d’Entrecasteaux Islands.

Bikkia bridgeana F.Muell. was named after him.


Collecting localities:1 2 

Bismarck Archipelago. In the years 1882-83, when sailing in the western part of the Pacific, he touched at New Britain and Duke of York Island (no dates mentioned). R. Parkingon states3 that the ship left Port Jackson on Oct. 25, 1882, paid a visit to the Solomon Islands and subsequently came to anchor at Mioko (Nov. 19). In the next year he visited several islands, among which New Britain and Duke of York Island again, and made a trip by land in the former island from Nodup to Blanche Bay; he departed from there on Sept. 4, 1883 and arrived at Sydney a month later.-SE. New Guinea: Port Moresby (Nov. 1884); by boat visiting Kalo, Kamalu, Hula, Aroma, Kerepunu, and proceeding to Toulon Isl.; in the Gulf of Argyll he came across other ships, and a joined ascent of the Cloudy Mts (end of Nov.)4 was made under the guidance of Chalmers (see there); after a visit to the Moresby Islands, he returned to Port Moresby.-Sailing again from Sydney (Dec. 23, 1884) in the ‘Dart’: via Townsville (30), through China Strait to the Milne Bay (SE. New Guinea), coming to anchor near the most eastern of the Killerton Islands (Jan. 3, 1885), near the Louisiades, etc.; Gulf of Ta Mate (16); Samarai (19) and return to Sydney.



Partly together with Chalmers (see there).5 Probably preserved in Herb. Melbourne [MEL], specimens at least referred to by F. von Mueller.6



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