Collecting localities




Brues, Beirne Barrett


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Of Austin, Texas, U.S.A.



Wife of C.T. Brues, Professor of Economic Entomology, Harvard University, Massachusetts (U.S.A.). She accompanied her husband on a trip to the D.E.I.


Collecting localities:

1936 or 1937.1 In Sumatra visiting various regions in the north extending from Medan to Atjeh, to Pematang Siantar, to Fort de Kock and through the highlands to the W. coast and southward; Palembang and the highlands of southern Sumatra. Java: from Soerabaja to Batavia along the entire length of the island. Celebes: region about Makassar and the surrounding mountains; northern part of the island about Manado, Lake Tondano and the mountains of that region, e.g. Mt Sopoetan (Aug. 8, 1937).



Seeds of a species of Nepenthes.1 According to a letter from America (addressed to Dr J. van der Vecht) Mrs Brues made a collection of grasses which will eventually be deposited in the Gray Herb. [GH] of Harvard University. They are as yet unidentified.



(1) cf. Bot. Mus. Leaf. Harv. Univers. 8, 1940, p. 65. The year of collecting mentioned herein is 1937. This does not agree with the above-mentioned letter, in which is stated the year 1936.