Collecting localities




Burnett, Gilbert


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



A Queensland District Forest Inspector who visited Papua in 1908 for the purpose of reporting on the timber resources of the Territory.1


Collecting localities:2

1908, SE. New Guinea, Papua: trip up the Vailala; Kemp Welch District; visiting various places right along the coast from the Purari Delta in the Gulf of Papua, to Samarai, and in the vicinity of Buna Bay on the NE. coast.



Of the numerous timbers listed in the cited report, with 2 or 3 exceptions, only native Papuan names are given. According to C.T. White a fine opportunity was lost of doing good botanical work. Probably no collections made.



(1) G. Burnett: ‘Timber trees of the Territory of Papua’ (issued by Dept of Ext. Affairs, Melbourne 1908, 45 pp.).

(2) cf. Ann. Rep. Papua for 1907-08, 1908, p. 51, 58 en 121.