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Cameron, J.B.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



An Australian surveyor who made some travels to New Guinea, prospecting for gold, with English and Burke, however, returning without success. In Oct. 1888 he was appointed Justice of the Peace and Officer of Customs in Sud-Est Isl., in 1890 Resident Magistrate at Mabaduan.

Helicia cameronii F.Muell. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

SE. New Guinea. 1887. Yule Isl. (Oct. 17); with A.C. English (see there) via Pinupaka (19) to St Joseph River (20) and returning to Yule Isl. (31).-1888. Yule Isl. (Febr. 24); with plant collector D. Burke (see there) by land to Taéna, St Joseph River, returning without success on account of the menacing attitude of the natives.-1889. Accompanying Sir W. MacGregor’s (itiner. see there) Owen Stanley Expedition;1 1st of June Cameron returned to the camp on Mt Musgrave, not feeling well enough to proceed on the journey towards the Main Range; he reached the summit of Mt Musgrave, 9150 feet high. Besides in this expedition, he partook in several other tours of MacGregor’s, e.g. to the Fly River in 1889-90.-1892. In this year he is still mentioned as a partner in several tours, but it is improbable that he made any collections on the latter.



? Herb. Melbourne [MEL].



(1) J.B. Cameron: ‘Dr Sir William MacGregor’s ascent of Mt. Owen Stanley’ (Transact. & Proc. Roy. Geogr. Soc. Australasia Vict. Br. 8, Melbourne 1889, p. 58-66); further literature on the expedition cf. sub W. MacGregor.


biographical data:

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