Collecting localities




Cooper, David Edward


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1928, Christchurch, New Zealand.



Graduated M.Sc. (in chemistry) at Auckland University. Successively working in the Organic Dept of this University, at Auckland Hospital Laboratory, and since 1956 with Auckland Farmer’s Freezing Co. Laboratory. He joined the New Zealand New Guinea Expedition 1961 (leader C.K. Putt)1 which was supported by the New Zealand Alpine Club and the Mt Everest Foundation. The objective was to climb in the Carstensz Mts as well as to carry out some collecting and scientific work. Cooper made the botanical collection.


Collecting localities:

1961. Dutch West New Guinea: walking from Tiowe (near the confluence of the Baliem and Gi Malere Rivers), travelling up the Gi Malere, crossing over into the West Baliem; following the West Baliem to its head and crossing the plateau into the Haga Valley; subsequently to the North Wall of the Carstensz Mts (June), crossing the Zendilerong R. and the head of the Kemaboe River.



About 42 specimens, partly sterile and mouldy; grasses and ferns in Herb. Canterbury Un. Christchurch [CANU]; other material in Herb. Auckland War Mem. Mus. [AK] (on behalf of R.C. Cooper), and phytochemical specimens in Auckland University (on behalf of Prof. L.H. Briggs); some dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L].

He brought home living plants, seeds, and cuttings also.



(1) D. Cooper: ‘Some botanical and phytochemical observations in Netherlands New Guinea “New Zealand New Guinea Expedition 1961”’ (Econ. Bot. 25, 1971, p. 345-355).

C.K. Putt submitted an expedition report to the Mount Everest Foundation.