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Crab, P. van der


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Was for the greater part of his official career in the Moluccas; since 1857 Assistant Resident of the Civil Service, at the disposal of the Governor of the Moluccas; in 1863 promoted to Resident of Ternate; the first Resident of Ambon, 1866-68; after expiry of European furlough he was to make an exploration tour to the W. and N. coasts of Dutch New Guinea; when the voyage was over, he was appointed Resident of Manado (N. Celebes); in 1874 he retired and returned to Holland.


Collecting localities:

Aroe Islands (1859 and 1860).-Tour through the Moluccas (Dec. 1860-Jan. 1861),1 visiting successively: Banda, Ambon, S. Ceram, Batjan, Ternate and the Minahassa (N. Celebes).-Tour to the SW. coast of Dutch New Guinea, etc.:2 E. Ceram, Goram and Ceram Laut Isls.- Dutch N. New Guinea: Dorei (Oct. 1863, July 1864, Oct. 1866).-Voyage in the ‘Dassoon’, 1871.3 To Dutch West and North New Guinea; cf. sub Teijsmann (detailed itiner., liter., etc.).



Herb. Bog. [BO]. In the course of time (1865-69) he forwarded some Moluccan plants to Buitenzorg, from Batjan etc.



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biographical data:

cf. Robidé van der Aa l.c. sub 3, p. xi-xvi.