Collecting localities




Crocket, Frederick E. & Mrs Charis Denison


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Of the Denison-Crocket South Pacific Expedition for the Academy of Nat. Sciences of Philadelphia.1 S.D. Ripley (see there), ornithologist, accompanied the expedition. It was the intention to make botanical explorations too.


Collecting localities:

Denison-Crocket South Pacific Expedition, 1937-38.1 Departing from Philadelphia in Nov. 1936, sailing from Gloucester, Mass., in the schooner ‘Chiva’; arriving via Rabaul in Dutch NW. New Guinea: Manokwari (beginning of Oct. 1937), staying 1 day and proceeding to Sorong, remaining for a short time and then continuing to Lophon Island of the Schildpad group (Papua Islands) where their base camp was established; N. coast of Misoöl (Oct. 29), inland to the village of Tipon, Kassim River (staying 1 week); Lophon (short stay); Sorong; Manokwari (Nov. 15), the ornithologist making trips to Mansiman Isl., Andai, Biak (Korrido), and Sorong; Dec. 27 setting sail again for Lophon; Sarong (end of Jan. 1938); the Crockets in permanent camp at Saindekock (= Sainkedock)2, S of Mega River (N. coast of W. New Guinea).



Botanical specimens mouldered away before they could ever get them out of New Guinea; they were sent to Philadelphia. According to the Curator of Plants there, no plants are preserved in Philadelphia Herb.



(1) Zoological results+ short itinerary (p. 97-100) published in Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad. 91, 1939.

(2) Charis Crocket: ‘The House in the rainforest’ (Boston 1942).