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Dampier, William


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1652, East Coker in Somerset, England. Died: 1715, London, England.



Went to sea when 16 years old; made several voyages as Captain in the Navy and Hydrographer, especially to the South Seas. There is a gap in our knowledge respecting the years 1691-97. He is the discoverer of Miangas (c. 1687) and of the Bismarck Archipelago (1700).

This so-called buccaneer who was notorious with the D.E.I. Company who suspected him of having the intention to claim New Guinea for the English, had an open eye for nature, and at that early date not only brought home a dried collection of plants, but also illuminated an account of his travels with drawings of plants and animals (a draughtsman accompanied the voyage of the ‘Roebuck’), and mentioned many data on useful plants, birds and fishes.1

The genus Dampiera R.Br. was named in his honour.


Collecting localities:2

He left England, sailing in the beginning of 1679,3 to the West Indies, America, Africa, S. America and then proceeding to the East Indies by way of Guam (May 21, 1686); June 2 leaving for the Philippines: Isl. St John (21), Mindanao (22); Jan. 14, 1687 sailing from Mindanao to Manila (Luzon) via Zamboanga; island W of Cebu (Febr. 3-9); Mindoro (Febr. 18-20); Luzon (Manila, 23-25); P. Condor (March 16-Apr. 15), Siam, P. Condor again and sailing from there with destination Manila, but turning up in China through unfavourable wind; Formosa; visiting 2 islets near SE. Mindanao (Oct. 16-Nov. 1) (Miangas ?); E. coast of Celebes (Nov.); P. Boeton (Dec. 6-11) at Calla-Susung (E. coast = Dwaal Bay); sailing for New Holland; Cocos Isls; Christmas Isl. (March 28, 1688); along the W. coast of Sumatra (Apr.) visiting some of the Nassau (= Pagai) Islands (betw. Apr. 12-20), proceeding to the Nicobars, where D. quitted the vessel on account of a quarrel with the captain; May 15 he sailed to Atchin (= Atjeh, N. Sumatra), staying near the mouth of the Passange Jonca (May 20-beginning of June); trips to Tonkin, Malacca (Oct.-Nov., Christmas 1689), P. Dinding (Nov. 1689), Fort St George (5 months in 1690) and Bencoolen (S. Sumatra), where he was appointed gunner of the fort. In Jan. 1691 he secretly embarked to England, arriving on Sept. 16th of the same year, via the Cape and St Helena. -Voyage in the ‘Roebuck’, 1699-1701.4 14 (26) Jan. 1698 (9) sailing from England in command of the ‘Roebuck’, via Brazil to New Holland; in Sept. navigating in the direction of Timor: near Fort la Concorde in S. Timor (Sept. 23-25, 1699), Bay of Coepang (Babao) (27-28); Port. Timor: Bay of Laphao (Oct. 12-21); Dutch Timor: Bay of Coepang (27), Babao (Oct. 28-Dec. 11); the next day sailing to New Guinea which came in sight on Jan. 1, 1700, and where he visited: Mackerels Bay, Freshwaterbay, Gulf of Maccluer and the near P. Sabudi (= Saboeda) (Jan. 16-20); rounding Cape Mabo (W. point of Batante) (Febr. 4); passing through the later Dampier Strait where he visited several small islands (5-8); passing Schouten Island; sighting a large amount of floating botanical material (trunks etc., probably from the Mamberamo!); passing Mathis Islands (25); once more sighting floating material, and then circumnavigating (Febr. 28-Apr. 1) what D. at the outset supposed to be the mainland of New Guinea, but what proved to be a large island, to which he gave the name of ‘Nova Brittania’ (= New Britain), sailing along its north, east and south coast, and then proceeding (Apr. 2) in western direction; passing Schouten Island once more (14); sighting a smoking high mountain on the mainland (17, ? Arfak or ? G. Kwoka); rounding Cape Mabo (18); Ceram (Apr. 26-May 2); Timor: Babao (May 18-22); Java: Batavia (July 4-Oct. 16). On the return voyage the boat sprang a leak, but the crew was rescued; via the Cape and St Helena back to England in 1701.-Voyage in the ‘St George’ and the ‘Fame’, 1703-1707.5 Along the American Pacific coast; in 1704 the expedition separated; the party under Funnel visited Ambon, Batavia, Bantam, Prinsen-eiland (cf. 2nd half of his accounts), Dampier himself in the ‘St George’ was forced to leave that ship, on account of her poor state, near the coast of Peru and proceeded on his voyage in a prize ship; he went ashore in New Guinea and Mindanao (P.I.), sailed along the Talaut Isls, and Batjan (Moluccas), where he and his crew were taken prisoners and transported to Ternate; released in the latter island, they sailed to Batavia (arriving July 26, 1706); back in England at the end of 1707.6-Voyage under Rogers in the ‘Duke’ and ‘Dutchess’, Dampier serving as pilot, 1708-11.7 Sailing from Kingroad (Aug. l, 1708), via Teneriffe, the Canaries, S. America, Falkland Isls, Cape Horn, Juan Fernandez, Peru, Galapagos Isls, Mexico, California and Guam; passing New Guinea and the Moluccas on the way to P. Boeton (staying ashore May 29-June 7, 1710), sailing between SW. Celebes and Salajar to Java: Batavia (June 20-July 22), P. Hoorn in the Bay of Batavia (July 23-Sept. 13), back to Batavia again and weighing anchor for the return voyage on Oct. 24; sailing via the Cape, St Helena, Ascension, to England (arriving Oct. 1, 1711).



Some in Herb. Brit. Mus. [BM], acquired with Herb. Sloane (book 94 vol. 11). In Sherardian Herb. Oxford [OXF]: 40 nos, mostly scraps, 18 of which figured in Dampier, A new Voyage etc. (1.c. sub 4), and also reproduced by I. Lee (l.c. sub 2); of 6 specimens it cannot be proved that they originate with Dampier;8 besides from Australia, too from Brazil, Timor, near New Guinea (floating Algae). Dampier handed the plants to Woodward who forwarded them to Ray and Plukenet for examination;9 some plants described by Ray10 and Plukenet (by the latter in Amaltheum Botanicum) are missing in the Oxford Herbarium. Also Java specimens in Sherardian Herb. Oxford [OXF].



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biographical data:

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