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Dekker, Dr Johannes


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1879, Alkmaar, N.H., Holland.



Pharmacist, educated at Utrecht University, taking his Dr’s degree at Berne with Prof. Tschirch in 1902; Military Dispenser in the D.E.I., 1902-10; Director of the division Commercial Museum of the Colonial Museum at Haarlem, Holland, 1910-16; Scientific Adviser of the firm of Jurgens, 1916-22; Municipal Chemist at Rotterdam, 1922-25; since 1929 pharmaceutical chemist at Middelburg.

Author of ‘De looistoffen’ (tannins).1



When stationed at Kotaradja in N. Sumatra, he sent a herbarium of the Gajo and Alas Lands to the Herb. Kol. Mus. Haarlem (the later Ind. Inst. Amsterdam), in 1905, which was later transferred to Herb. Leiden [L]. Actually the plants were collected by R.M. Pringgo Atmodjo (see there) in 1904.



(1) In Bull. Kol. Mus. no 35, 1906, and no 39, 1908.


biographical data:

Portr. in Bull. Kol. Mus. no 52, 1913.