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Diels, Friedrich Ludwig Emil


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1874, Hamburg, Germany. Died: 1945, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany.



Botanist and plant geographer, educated at Berlin University, pupil and successor of A. Engler; in 1896 Ph.D. on ‘Die Vegetations-Biologie von Neu-Seeland’. In 1900 he was granted a stipend of the Humboldt Stiftung for an investigation of the vegetation of West Australia.1 Together with his friend E. Pritzel (who paid for his expenses himself) he travelled by way of S. Africa; in 1902 they visited Tasmania and New Zealand. In later years he visited N. Africa (March-Apr. 1910) and Ecuador (1933). In 1906 appointed Extraordinary Professor at Marburg, in 1914 ditto in Berlin; since 1921 Ordinary Professor and Director of the Botanic Garden and the Museum in Berlin.

Author of numerous excellent papers, monographs, and books, including several on the flora of New Guinea.

He is commemorated in several plant names.


Collecting localities:

1902. When returning to Australia from his visit to New Zealand some harbours in Neu Pommern (= New Britain) in the Bismarck Archipelago and in Kaiser-Wilhelmsland (NE. New Guinea) were visited. On the home voyage he visited the botanic gardens at Buitenzorg and Tjibodas in W. Java.



Diels and Pritzel made extensive collections in Australia and may have collected some plants in the Malaysian region; as yet no certain data are known to me. Herb. Berl.? [B].



(1) Resulted in: ‘Die Pflanzenwelt von Westaustralien’ (vol. 7 of ‘Vegetation der Erde’ von Engler & Drude).


biographical data:

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