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Forrest, Thomas


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1729. Died: 1802.



An English sea-farer who was instructed by the English E.I.C. to make a voyage to the Malay Archipelago, in order to bring nutmegs and young nutmeg trees to Balambangan (N of Borneo); at his arrival the latter settlement had been deserted, however.

He is commemorated in the genus Forrestia A.Rich.


Collecting localities:

Voyage in the ‘Tartar-galley’, 1774-76.1 Sailing from Balambangan (N of Borneo) (Nov. 9, 1774); Cagayan Sooloo (= Cagayan Sulu) (11-12); Sooloo (= Sulu) (17-18); P. Tonkil (20-21); Moluccas: Malaleo (on P. Tappa, Latalata Sir., Nov. 30), P. Mandioli (Bissory, Nov. 30-Dec. 2), P. Bally (Dec. 4), P. Selang (S of Batjan) (6-7); Papua Islands: P. Gag (12), Manafouin (= ? Minjaifoen), P. Tomoguy, Batang Pally (= prob. P. Batangpele), Manafouin (sailing from there Jan. 7, 1775), Waigeo(u) (Offak, 10-11), Ajoe Isls (15-21, visiting Aïou Baba and P. Abdon); NW. New Guinea: Bay of Dore (Jan. 27-Febr. 18); Papua Islands: Waigeo(u) (Rawak, Febr. 23-24), P. Manouaran (= Manoeran), Waigeo(u) (Piapis, Febr. 26-March 2), P. Een (3), P. Kanari (13), P. Ef-Be (= Jef Bie) (14-30), in the latter period touching at P. Misoöl (e.g. at Linty = Lelintah) too, Kanari Isls (Apr. 2-8); Moluccas: P. Eye (= Ai) (12), P. Syang (= Sajang) (13-14), P. Eye (= Ai); Talaud Islands: Leron on P. Salibabo (= Liroeng on P. Salebaboe) (22-24); Serengani (= Sarangani) Islands (29-30); along the S. coast of Mindanao (Philippines), staying in the island: river of Mindanao (or R. Pelangy, May 7-Jan. 7, 1776) and visiting some islands in Illana Bay: P. Ebus and P. Bunwoot; Kamaladan (Jan. 12); Bankoogan (17); via Sooloo; along the northeast, anchoring between Banguey and Balambangan Island (27), finding the latter island deserted by the English; along the north and west coast of Borneo (Brunei): mouth of the Borneo River (Febr. 9-26); along the Anambas Isls (March 6) to the Malay Peninsula: Malacca (March 13-14); Queda (29-30); Sumatra: road of Atcheen (April 13-16), Siddo (19-..), Bencoolen (Fort Marlborough) (end of June); and back to England.






(1) Th. Forrest: ‘A voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, from Balambangan. To which is added a Vocabulary of the Magindano Tongue’ (London 1779, w. portr.); transl. into French: ‘Voyage aux Moluques et a la Nouvelle Guinée, fait Sur la galère la Tartare en 1774-76, par ordre de la Compagnie Angloise’ (Paris 1780).

Forrest gives an account of Sumatra and Celebes in his book: ‘A voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui Archipelago, etc.’ (London 1792).


biographical data:

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