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Gäumann, Ernest Albert


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1893, Lyss, Canton Berne, Switzerland. Died: 1963.



Botanist, educated at Berne, taking his Dr’s degree in 1917; from 1917-18 working at the University of Uppsala; from July 1919-July 1922 temporary Botanist in the Botanical Laboratory (Institute for Plant Diseases) of the Department of Agriculture at Buitenzorg, Java. He visited Tjibodas (slope G. Gedeh, W. Java) from Nov. 4-18, 1919 and in 1921, and made study tours to Celebes in connection with the ‘blood’ disease of the bananas in 1920 and 1921. Later Professor at the Technical College, Zürich.

Author of mycological papers.


Collecting localities:1

1920. SW. Celebes: Madjene (Febr.); Somarorong and Polewali (Mamasa) (Nov.).-1921. W. Java: Tjibodas (March); G. Pangrango (May); SW. Celebes (May-Dec.): Malakadji (May), Lonrong in Bone (June), P. Saleijer (= Salajar); Bone, P. Palette (Aug.); Makala, Watampone, Rano (near Palopo), and P. Palette (Oct.).-1922. W. Java: G. Pangrango (May).



Herb. Bog. [BO]: some nos. His collection of cryptogams was presented to Herb. Berne [BERN] in 1918 (so before his stay in Java!); in 1923 material in alcohol of Gnetum, and Fungi of the D.E.I., in 1937 Fungi from Celebes and W. Java.1



(1) J. Fischer: ‘Ueber einige von E. Gäumann in Java and Celebes gesammelten Ustilagineen and Uredineen’ (Ber. Schweiz. Bot. Ges. 47, 1937, p. 419 seq.).


photo gallery:

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