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Genderen Stort, Pieter van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1873, Moeara Doea, S. Sumatra.



Entered the D.E. Indian army in 1893 and was pensioned off with the rank of major-general in 1926. In 1912 he was appointed leader of the Dutch members of the Anglo-Dutch boundary delimitation committee for North Borneo; during the expedition he was attended by the Indonesian collector Amdjah (see there).

Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:

Anglo-Dutch NE. Borneo expedition, 1912.1 Sailing from Batavia (Apr. 31) to Soerabaja and from there (May 4) to SE. Borneo: Bandjermasin (staying May 6-14); by boat to NE. Borneo: Tg Seilor (arriving the 21st); transfer of the expedition to Pladjoe; van Genderen Stort setting out (June 7) to take up the English by boat from Tarakan; back at Pladjoe (Lower Sembakoeng River) (12); Manoek (14), S. Bakoeng (15), Kalampising (16), Bk. Toekoelan (17), Saladingan (20), Semaloemoeng (21), Bk. Labang (27); van Genderen Stort marching ahead to Gm. Loejoe (27) and Moeara Tagel (29; the last part of the exp. arriving July 2); breaking camp (July 4) and back to Labang (Ma Sedalir); van Genderen Stort with the Indonesian collectors setting out (22) to Loembis, he himself returning to Labang on the 27th; departing (Aug. 16) via Sg. Bakoeng (18) and Sarapoen (= Serapon) (19) to Pladjoe (20); in Sept. by boat to Tg Seilor for discussion; Pembeliangen bivouac (on the Seboekoe River); the whole of the expedition united at Bk. Tenampak (Sept. 19); van Genderen Stort was invalided home (23), and was not replaced as leader. For the 2nd part of the expedition cf. sub Amdjah.



cf. sub Amdjah.



(1) ĎVerslag der Commissie tot uiteenzetting op het terrein van de tusschen het Nederlandsch gebied en Britsch Noord-Borneo vastgestelde grensí (Batavia 1913).


biographical data:

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