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Giesenhagen, Karl


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1860, Teterow in Mecklenburg, Germany. Died: 1928, Munich, Germany.



Botanist, educated at Rostock and Berlin, who took his Dr’s degree in 1889 at Marburg; in 1891 he followed Goebel (see there) to Munich and was appointed Custodian of the Herbarium of cryptogams. In 1899 he was awarded the Buitenzorg stipendium and made a voyage to the D.E.I. for the study of economic plants, and besides of epiphytic ferns and the moss flora.1 In 1907 appointed Professor of Botany in the University of Munich.

Author of many papers on ferns.2


Collecting localities:3

Leaving Genoa (July 25, 1899); arrival at Singapore (Aug. 16), making trips to Bt Tima and to Johore (Mal. Penins.); W. Java: Buitenzorg (arriving Aug. 24); Tjibodas, on the slope of G. Gedeh (Oct. 11-end of the month), climbing the summit of G. Gedeh (21); back at Buitenzorg; departing (Nov. 5) with Fleischer (see there) and Peynart to S. Sumatra: Palembang, by boat to Muara Enim (arriving Nov. 11); Merapi, Lahat, Bandar, Lebuan; Kalangan Djarei, Bt Besar (18); Padang Burnei; Talang Padang (24-25); Tandjong Agung, Kebon Agung; Kepahiang, from where setting out (29) via Taba penandjung and Talampat to Benkulen (30); by boat to Sumatra West Coast: Padang (Dec. 2); Padang Highlands: Padang Pandjang, Aneikloof, Sawahlunto, back to Padang Pandjang and from there (Dec. 7) to Fort de Kock, Karbouwengat, Pajakombo (9), Harau kloof; Padang (11); by boat to N. Sumatra: Atjeh, Kota Radjah (15-16); Selimun; by boat via P. Penang (20-21), to Sumatra East Coast: Deli, Medan (arriving 22); to Bindjei (Jan. 4, 1900); to Tandjong Morawa (6); Gunung Rinte; Sungei Bahasa Estate; Medan, from where sailing (10) to Java; trip to Centr. Java and the ‘Vorstenlanden’: Djokjakarta, the Borobudur, Prambanan, Tjandi Sewn; back to W. Java, Buitenzorg; Febr. 24 sailing from Tandjong Priok to Europe, interrupted by a stay of some weeks in Ceylon.



Herb. Munich [M], principally ferns and mosses. Living plants and seeds on behalf of the ‘Botanische Centralstelle’ for the German colonies.



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biographical data:

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