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Goldie, Andrew


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)



An emissary of the great horticulturist S.B. Williams of London; he is said to have been in the employ of Sander & Sons at St Albans too. In 1882 he settled at Port Moresby, SE. New Guinea, as a store-keeper; he speculated in land and claimed to have bought 17.000 acres at about one penny per acre! Many of his travelling tours were made in company with Rev. MacFarlane (see there) and with Hunstein (see there).

Combretum goldieanum F.v.M. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

SE. New Guinea, Papua. 1876. Early in the year in the ‘Ellengowan’ from Somerset, visiting some islands in Torres Strait: Darnley and Murray Isl. In March from Somerset to Port Moresby, exploring the neighbourhood in a circle of 10 miles. For the 3rd time from Somerset to Port Moresby, undertaking a voyage (June 12-22) with W.G. Lawes (see there) and W.Y. Turner to Hula and Kerepuna; subsequently for some time in the vicinity of Port Moresby.1-1877. Joining some others for an expedition to New Guinea,2 sailing in the cutter ‘Explorer’ from Somerset (July 4); Darnley Isl. (6), Murray Isl. (9-14); Port Moresby (17-27), proceeding by boat in eastern direction, going ashore at Bootless Inlet; during a fortnight’s stay, Mt Astrolabe was climbed by James H. Shaw; sailing back (Aug. 10) to Port Moresby and proceeding in western direction; by boat from Bura to Laloki River; to the bivouac of Morton and Blunden (who set out to Laloki as early as July 27); back to Port Moresby; for the 2nd time (Nov. 10) to the said bivouac, from where making a joined tour in western direction, discovering the Goldie River; Nov. 20 on the way back to Port Moresby. In Dec. sailing in the ‘Explorer’ to Kapa-Kapa, Hood Bay, Kerepunu (from where sailing the 25th); Isl. Suáu (South Cape) (29); Port Moresby.-1878. In the ‘Explorer’3 in southeastern direction: Cloudy Bay; ascending Robinson River and discovery of the Blunden River; the Louisiades and Teste ISLS; Port Moresby (the voyage taking 7-8 weeks).-1879.4 Starting from Port Moresby to the Laloki River (June 28), crossing the latter (29) and making camp, after a good march, in a level open country; after a fortnight’s stay transporting the collections to Port Moresby and subsequently returning to Laloki River; Goldie River, making bivouac at several stations (e.g. Momari camp); in Sept. returning to Port Moresby via Laloki River and Rona Falls. From Yule Isl. by boat along the coast to Freshwater Bay, going ashore at Maiva only.5-1880. On the Upper waters of the Goldie River.6-1882. By boat visiting the west coasts of the D’Entrecasteaux Isls: Fergusson and Normanby.



Herb. Melbourne [MEL], forwarded to F. von Mueller (approx. in 1876-78).7 In the following years he certainly collected too.6 When returning to Sydney at the end of 1876, he sent 15 cases containing living plants to London; dried specimens were dispatched to von Mueller.8 Herb. Copenh. [C]: dupl. of Scitamineae.

He made zoological collections too.



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