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Goot, Piet van der


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1887, Amsterdam, Holland. Died: Apr. 10, 1944, in a Japanese prisoner camp, Tjimahi, Java.



Was educated at Wageningen Agricultural College (Dr’s degree in 1925); in 1912 appointed Zoologist at the Experiment Station for the Java Sugar Industry at Pasoeroean (E. Java); Entomologist of the Central Java Experiment Station (Salatiga), 1914-17; after expiry of his leave, on the staff of the Institute for Plant Diseases of the General Experiment Station for Agriculture (Buitenzorg), and since 1934 Chief of the said institute.

On account of special merit he was awarded the Bosscha medal.1


Collecting localities:2

E. Java (Oct. 1912-July 1914): on weekends and holidays, on G. Tengger (Ngadiwono, Lebasari, Poespo, Tosari, Nongkodjadjar), G. Ardjoeno (Prigen), Djember, G. Kawi (Songgoriti), Lawang, G. Wilis (Modjopanggoeng), etc.-Centr. Java (July 1914-Apr. 1917): G. Diëng, G. Merbaboe (July 1915), G. Telemojo, Salatiga.-W. Java: Indramajoe (1923). -Centr. Celebes, S. Toradja Lands: Taba (June 1926).3-Madoera (Jan. 1931).



Especially host-plants of lice. His East Java plants were handed to Jeswiet (see there), they were partly forwarded to Herb. Bog. [BO]; Centr. Java plants too partly in Herb. Bog. [BO], from Madoera 1 no only. In Herb. Pasoer. [PAS now in BO]: 1 no from Indramajoe (W. Java).



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biographical data:

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photo gallery:

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