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Biographical data


Groneman, Isaac


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1832, Zutfen, Gld, Holland. Died: 1912, Djokjakarta, Java.



Surgeon, went to Java in 1858 and settled at Bandoeng (1859-69), Djokja (1869-89, soon as court-physician of the Sultan) and Indramajoe (1890-96); subsequently he laid down practice and took up his residence at Djokja again.1

He was a great lover of nature, friend of Junghuhn, in whose company he made several excursions in Priangan Residency. As amateur archeologist-ethnologist he instigated the excavation of the decayed Hindu building Prambanan.


Collecting localities:

In W. Java2 he visited: Buitenzorg, Tjiandjoer, Bandoeng; Tji-Kapoendoeng; Taroegoeng and Garoet; G. Papandajan; Limbangan; G. Telaga Bodas; G. Goentoer; Lembang, G. Tangkoeban Prahoe; mountains S of Bandoeng; G. Patoeha, G. Kendeng, Pengalengan, G. Wajang, G. Malabar; Gandasoli Valley (in Krawang).



Private herbarium;3 unknown whether still extant.

At Bandoeng he had a beautiful collection of epiphytic orchids which he had to leave behind during the journey to Djokja. Hort. Bog.: Vanda limbata Blume (pres. 1901).



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biographical data:

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