Collecting localities




Haan, Gunter Adelbert Leonard de


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1911, Probolinggo, Java



Went to the D.E.I. before terminating his study at the Agricultural College, Wageningen, Holland; enlisted in the D.E.I. army in 1933; bought off in Dec. 1933, and joined the Teak Forest Administration till end 1935; to ‘Landschap’ (province) Moena (S of SE. Celebes); since May 1936 in the employ of the D.E. Indian Forest Service, till 1940 stationed at the Forest Research Institute. In 1937-38 he was sent on an exploration tour to the Moluccas; in July 1938 stationed in Tapanoeli (N. Sumatra) and in April 1940 at Rengat (Centr. Sumatra). At the outbreak of war he was suspended and subsequently dismissed on account of his political opinions. After World War II he was evacuated to Holland; in 1948 he left for Kobe in Halmaheira (Moluccas) as manager of a private plantation and timber-concession. He planned to use his spare time for making botanical collections for sale, in this interesting little known island. Later economic co-ordinator of Prov. Maluku (= Moluccas).


Collecting localities:

Moluccas. 1937. Batjan (Aug. 7-29); P. Kasiroeta (Aug. 30-Sept. 5); Batjan (Sept. 6-20; G. Sibela 10-15); via Ternate to Halmaheira: Djailolo (Sept. 28), Soesoefoe (Sahoe) (Sept. 29-Oct. 3), crossing the island to Kau (Oct. 4-5); Obi Islands (Oct. 29-Dec. 7), visiting P. Bisa (Nov. 26-27), and the Salamoli Islands (28); P. Batjan (Dec. 9-11).1-1938. Ternate (Febr. 19-March 8); Morotai (March 10-Apr. 7): Tilai (March 17), Lokoelamoamokoe near kp. Pilowo (1000 m) (27-28), kp. Wajaboela (Apr. 4-5); S. Halmaheira (Apr. 9-June 4): G. Jefi near kp. Foja Tobaroe (Apr. l8), near Tg Fida (24), Ake Nganto (26), Tilope (May 8-9, 19), Pajahi Road near Weda (24-25), Welwaleloh near Kobe (28), Loekoelamo near Kobe (30).2-1938-40. W. Sumatra, Tapanoeli: Angkola, Sipirok, Tapanoeli, Panobasan, etc.



During the first part of his stay in the Moluccas, he was assisted by mantri Nedi (see there) of the Buitenzorg Herbarium; during the second part by mantri Anang (or Anong) (see there) of the Botanic Gardens.

Herb. Bog. [BO]: dupl. F.R.I. from the Moluccas (1937-38); also Sumatra plants, partly without numbers, partly numbered in the F.R.I. (cf. sub Forest Research Institute) bb. series. In Herb. For. Res. Inst. Buitenzorg [BZF].

From de Haan & Anang living plants in Hort. Bog.

He made a sample collection in Halmaheira of some 50 plant specimens. As the collection got a poor judgment, he probably abolished the original plan of professional collecting.



(1) Typed report on Batjan and Halmaheira, 1937, in For. Res. Inst. Buitenzorg.

(2) Author of a ‘Verslag van een tournée naar de eilanden Ternate, Morotai en Halmaheira in het jaar 1938’ (mimeogr., 20 copies).