Collecting localities



Biographical data


Hellwig, F.E.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)



Pacific trader who accompanied some German expeditions because of his large experience with the natives; he made ethnographical collections.1 In Nov. 1902 he was sent out to Wuvulu by the firm of Hernsheim & Co. at Matupi, and travelled with Dr Dempwolff (see below). In July 1910 appointed at the ‘Museum fur Völkerkunde’ in Hamburg as Overseer.


Collecting localities:

1902-04.2 Sudsee-Expedition (Malaria expedition) with the fleet-surgeon Dr Dempwolff o/b the schooner ‘Gazelle’ to Wuvulu and Ana, W of the Hermit Islands, N of former Kaiser Wilhelmsland. Hellwig on Wuvulu till mid-Dec. 1902, on Ana (Aug.-Dec. 1903) and in 1904 once more to Wuvulu.-1908-10. Hamburg Südsee-Expedition in the ‘Peiho’ (cf. Dr G. Duncker).



Herb. Hamb. [HBG]: few plants, possibly partly together with Dr W. Müller (see there); hardly of any value.



(1) Author of ‘Tagebuch der Expedition’ (in G. Thilenius, Ergebnisse der Südsee-Expedition 1908-1910, 1 Allg., 1927).

(2) Cf. Paul Hambruch: ‘Wuvulu and Aua’ (Veröff. Mus. Völkerk. Hamburg II, 1, 1908, 180 pp., pl. 1-37, many fig.; chapter on ‘Flora and Fauna’ p. 17-18).


biographical data:

In Hambruch l.c. p. 10-11; portr. in Thilenius, Ergebn. Südsee-Exp. 1908-10, 1 Allg., 1927, pl. 1.