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Hervey, Dudley Francis Amelius


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1849, Great Chesterford, Essex, England. Died: 1911.



Educated at Marlborough College; in the Malayan Civil Service, Chief Clerk and Interpreter of the Lt Govn. of Penang 1870-82, Resident Councillor of Malacca 1882-93; retired in 1893. He accompanied the Governor on many political expeditions to the Native States and to the coast of Atjeh (N. Sumatra) in H.M.S. ‘Algerine’.


Collecting localities:1

Malay Peninsula. 1876. Johore: G. Pulai.-1877. Johore: G. Panti and G. Mentahak.-1879. Trip to G. B(e)lumut,2 Johore: sailing from Singapore (Jan. 21) in a steam launch via P. Tekong to Panchur up the Johor(e) River; Sg. Bukit Berangan, Kota Tinggi (22-24); K. Panti; Seluang; Lenggiu River (27); Tebá River; proceeding by land (30); Ayer Putih, Bulu Lenggiu (source of the river); source of the Kahang; G. Blumut (Febr. 2); Batu Setinggon (3); Pengkalan teba (4-5).-Journey up the Indau (= Endau)-Sembrong River (Aug. -Sept.),3 Johore. In or before 1889. Collecting in the neighbourhood of Taiping, Perak.-1892. With H.N. Ridley from Lubok Kedongdong to G. Meting (lower peak of the range of Mt Ophir, Johore).4



Herb. Kew [K]: Malacca (= Mal. Peninsula), Aden, 911 nos, etc. (pres. 1886-93); Herb. Sing. [SING]: > 100 specim. from Perak, Taiping, etc. (pres. 1888-90). He sent plants to Calcutta too. His specimens are not precisely localized.



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biographical data:

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