Collecting localities




Heyligers, Petrus Cornelis


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1931, Gorinchem, Netherlands.



Was educated at Utrecht University, majoring in plant geography; Dr.’s thesis (1961, published 1963) on vegetation and soil of a white-sand savanna in Suriname. Since October 1961 with C.S.I.R.O., Div. of Land Research, as plant ecologist in the New Guinea section. He carried out natural resources reconnaissance surveys, and more specialized research into the vegetation of monsoonal Papua.1


Collecting localities:

Eastern half of New Guinea. Papua: vicinity of Port Moresby (Aug. 1963); Solomon Is.: Bougainville (July-Aug. 1964); vicinity of Port Moresby (May-July 1965, Jan. 1966). Terr. of New Guinea: Sepik Distr. between Ambunti and Aitape (July-Sept. 1966). Papua: vicinity of Port Moresby (Apr., May, Aug. 1967, June 1968). Terr. of New Guinea: Sepik Distr. (Aug. 1968).



Herb. Canberra (CSIRO) [CANB], in Aug. 1968 about 70 nos; numbers started with 1001, as he collected earlier in Suriname (1956-57).



(1) Results of surveys published in the CSIRO Land Research Series.

P.C. Heyligers: ‘Observations on Themeda - Eucalyptus savannah in Papua’ (Pacif. Sc. 20, 1966, p. 477-489, 7 fig., 3 tab.); ‘Analysis of the plant geography of the semi-deciduous scrub and forest and the Eucalypt savannah near Port Moresby’ (Pacif. Sc. 26, 1972, p. 229-241, 2 fig., 7 tab.).