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Hickson, Sydney John


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1859, Highgate, England. Died: 1940, Cambridge, England.



Zoologist, educated at Cambridge University; D. Sc. London in 1883; Professor of Zoology in the University of Manchester, 1894-1926; subsequently returning to Cambridge. Especially interested in the problems of marine zoology, for the investigation of which he made some voyages.


Collecting localities:

Voyage to N. Celebes, 1885-86.1 Arriving at Makassar, SW. Celebes (July 24, 1885), from where to N. Celebes: Manado (July 29); for a month sailing about (joining H.M.S. ‘Flying Fish’, Capt. MacLear) in Banka Strait; going ashore on several islands and on the coast of N. Celebes, i.e. near Likupang (Aug. 9). Bohoi Bay, P. Limbé (= Lembeh), Batu Kapal, P. Tagulandang (= Tahoelandang), P. Ruang (ascending the volcano, 21), Talisse (28); taking leave of the ‘Flying Fish’, going ashore on Talis(s)e Isl. (Sept.); staying for some months; o/b the Dutch steamship ‘Ternate’ (Nov. 14) to the Nanusa (= Nenoesa) Archipelago (arriving Nov. 29), touching at the Talaud (Lirung on Salibabu) and Saha Islands; Isl. Kabrukan (= Kaboeroeang, Talaud Isls), kp. Man(g)arang; and Great Sangir (= P. Sangihe, visiting Taruna and Manganitu); P. Siauw (= Siaoe), P. Tagulandang (= Tahoelandang), P. Talis(s)e; N. Celebes: Manado (since early in Jan. 1886 suffering from ill health); setting out (Apr. 3) to Tondana, Tondano Lake, Kakas, Lango(w)an, Kelelonde (a guest on a coffee estate for a fortnight); on account of illness back to Manado; P. Talis(s)e (June); sailing for Europe on July 10, 1886.



Herb. Kew [K]: Ind. Archip., Mexico, Arizona, 45 nos (pres. 1887-90).



(1) S.J. Hickson: ‘A naturalist in North Celebes: a narrative of travels in Minahassa, the Sangir and Talaud Islands, etc.’ (London 1889).

cf. also Tijdschr. K.N.A.G. 1887, p. 131-161.


biographical data:

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