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Hochreutiner, Bénédict Pierre Georges


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1873, Geneva, Switzerland. Died: 1959, Geneva, Switzerland.



Theologist-botanist, in 1896 Assistant at the Botanical Institute (Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques) at Geneva, besides in 1898 University Lecturer there; from June 1903-Jan. 1905 temporarily attached to the Botanic Gardens (Herbarium) at Buitenzorg; in 1906 appointed Custodian of the above-mentioned Botanical Institute at Geneva, in 1918 besides Professor of Botany, and in 1931 Director of that Institute; he retired in 1943.

In 1901 he made a voyage to Algeria; when returning from Java to Europe in 1905, he went by way of Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Hawaii and America.

Author of many plant taxonomic papers and of anew catalogue of part of the Botanic Garden at Buitenzorg.1

Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:2

1903. Sailing from Genoa (May 1903), via Colombo, P. Penang; Singapore (June 9-12); W. Java: Tandjong Priok (15); arrival at Buitenzorg (16); Tjibodas and Tjibeureum on the slope of Mt Gedeh (Aug. 21-24); SE. slope of Mt Salak (30).-1904. From Jan. till the beginning of Apr. making several one-day tours to Mt Salak; Mt Pangrango-Gedeh (Apr. 18-24): Tjibodas, Kandangbadak and the Summit; Kotta Batoe near Buitenzorg (May 7); mangrove near Tandjong Priok (12); Mt Geger Bintang (May 23, 2 days); Mt Salak (June 19, July 3); July 16-29 visiting: Pengalengan Plateau, Tjileuntja Lake, Mt Malabar and Mt Wajang; Bandoeng (July 30); the Tjitaroem, waterfalls (July 31-Aug. 1); from Aug. till the beginning of Oct. many trips to Mt Salak and in the environs of Buitenzorg (G. Pantjar, Sept. 17); ascent of Mt Salak via Tegalankap (Oct. 9-10); mangrove, Tandjong Priok (16); Oct. 23-27: Buitenzorg-Garoet, Mt Papandajan and Telaga Bodas; Centr. Java (Oct. 27-30): Garoet-Tjilatjap, and Isl. Noesa Kambangan;3 Oct. 30-Nov. 8: Tjilatjap-Djokjakarta-Diëng Plateau, ascent of Mt Prahoe, Telaga Warno, Kawa Kidang; Nov. 8-11 Diëng-Bawang-Pengaongan-Cheribon-Kadipaten -Soemedang-Bandoeng and back to Buitenzorg in W. Java; end of Nov. and Dec. making 3 one-day trips in the environs of Buitenzorg (Depok etc.).-1905. E. Java: by train (Jan. 7 leaving Buitenzorg) via Djokjakarta, Solo, Soerabaja, to Lawang; Jan. 14-24 visiting: G. Tengger, Nongkodjadjar, Moengal Pass, G. Bromo, Zandzee (mer de sable), Roedjak, Ranoe Pani, Ranoe Koembolo, ascending Mt Smeroe, returning by the same route to Moengal Pass, Tosari and descending to Poespo and Pasoeroean; environs of Pasoeroean, Banjoebiroe and mangrove (24-26); Soerabaja (27-30); P. Madoera (31); sailing to Australia etc.



Herb. Deless. (Geneva [G]): 3344 nos from his voyage round the world (pres. 1908).4 He distributed exsiccatae of plants cultivated in Hort. Bog.:5 few in Herb. Decand. (Geneva [G]); in Herb. Berl. [B]: 162 nos; Herb. Sydney [NSW] (pres. 1905); Herb. Univ. Zürich [Z]; and probably elsewhere.



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biographical data:

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