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Hoedt, Dirk Samuel (not D.J.!)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1815, Ambon. Died: Jan. 1, 1893, Ambon.



In Government employ, since 1853 as Secretary of the Moluccas; in 1867 placed on half-pay on account of illness; subsequently retired.1 In 1862 he was promised a monthly allowance for making zoological collections on behalf of the Natural History Museum at Leiden; in Oct. 27, 1866 he was appointed successor to Bernstein (see there); he resigned on account of personal differences with the Resident and accordingly the planned New Guinea voyage fell through. At the end of 1872, when Beccari visited Ambon, Hoedt was the owner of a coconut plantation and evidently grew vanilla too.2


Collecting localities:

Sept. 1863-66. Moluccas: Ambon and neighbouring islands: Kelang, Boano, Manipa, Boeroe, SW. coast of Ceram, P. Haroeko(e), Amblauw; Soela Islands; Zuidwester & Zuidooster Islands (include: Wetar, Roma, Kisar, Leti Isls, Damar Isls, Babar Isls); Kai Islands; Sangir (= Sangihe) Isls (N of Celebes); Doreh (NW. New Guinea). -1867. Java. Sailing from Ambon (Apr. 14); Ceram: Wahai (23-28); Misoöl (May 1-Aug. 17),visiting: Ado(e)a on the S. coast, Wa(a)igama (since May 14), Kas(s)im (since May 20), Goe (since June 11), Kas(s)im (June 20-22), Waigama (since June 23); Ceram: Sawa(a)i Bay near S(e)leman (Aug. 20-21); back at Ambon (30).3-In following years collecting (zoologically) in Ambon and Ceram again.-He collected some plants in Salawati, and Misoöl in c. 1868.4-1870.5 Trip to the Aroe Islands, staying some months (March-June), Ambon (Apr.), Boeroe (July).-After his resignation he is said to have made zoological collections in Timor (Lesser Sunda Isls).



He sent some plants to the ‘Natuurkundige Vereeniging’ at Batavia (pres. 1861-67)6 and to Herb. Bog. [BO] (pres. 1868-69). Some plants from Salawati (1868) were numbered in the H.B. (see there) series. In the Aroe Islands he made botanical collections too.

By original agreement his botanical collections were to go to Herb. Leiden [L]; the reports of that herbarium for the concerning years give no data on collections of his, so we may assume that if they exist, they must be of little importance. The Herbarium has a few Java specimens collected in 1867.



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biographical data:

H.J. Veth, Overzicht .. voor de kennis der fauna van Ned. Indië, Leiden 1879, p. 149, 157-158.