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Höhnel, Franz von


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1852, Zombor, Hungary. Died: 1920, Vienna, Austria.



Was educated at Vienna University; in 1884 appointed Extraordinary Professor of Technical Microscopy at Vienna Technical College; in 1894 Professor of Plant Anatomy and Physiology in the Soil Science College and later of Systematic Mycology in that place. He made several voyages, one of which to Ceylon and Java (see below) aided by the Vienna Academy of Science.


Collecting localities:

Java (Nov. 1907-March 26, 1908): particularly at Tjibodas on the slope of G. Gedeh in W. Java.1



He brought together an extensive collection of Fungi,2 probably preserved in Herb. Vienna [W]; dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L]. We do not know whether he collected phanerogams too.



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biographical data:

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