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Hou, Ding


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1921, Hsingkan, Kiangsi, China.



Botanist, B.S. in the National Chung-Cheng University, Kiangsi (1945); from 1945-47 Assistant in the same university; Assistant, Nat. Taiwan University 1947-51; M.A. (1952) and Ph.D. (1955), WashingtonUniversity, St. Louis [addition by D. Hou]; Research Assistant, subsequently Assistant Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, 1951-55; Botanist Arnold Arboretum, Cambridge, Mass., 1955-56; Botanist Foundation Flora Malesiana 1956-60; since 1960 Scientific Officer Rijksherbarium Leiden. He made a study trip to the East in 1966, to familiarize himself with living Anacardiaceae.


Collecting localities:1

1966. Singapore I. (Apr. 6-20), visiting Johore (9), Kranji Nature Reserve (10), MacRitchie Reservoir Nature Reserve (14), Bt Timah Nat. Res. (16), Pasir Ris (17-18). N. Borneo (Sabah): Sandakan (21-27), visiting the nearby Leila For. Res., Badu Sapi (mangrove forest), Berhala For. Res.; to Lahad Datu (28), visiting the Eastern Lowlands (29-May 17), Mt Salim (29-30), Lahad Datu (30-May 3), P. Sakar (2), Kennedy Bay and the Silabukan For. Res. (3-4), Kennedy Bay to Kunak (Mostyn), on the way visiting P. Bohayan (4), Madai For. Res. (5-7) and return to Mostyn (7); to P. Tabauwan (9), to Semporna (10), Quoin Hill and Membalua For. Res. and Mt Andrassy (11-15); Tawau (15-17), making excursions to Tawau Hills and Hot Spring For. Res.; back at Sandakan (19-24), visiting Leila For. Res. (21), virgin forest near Long’s Farm (21-22), Sepilok For. Res. (23); Jesselton (25), Mt Kinabalu (26-June 9): National Park Headquarters vicinity (26-27), Tenompok (29), to the summit and back to Sosopodon (30-June 1), to Layan-layan Mountain but (c. 2600 m, 30), Panar Labah Mountain but (c. 3300 m, 31), summit (c. 4200 m, June 1); Kundason (2), to Mesilau and staying in the bungalow of the Roy. Soc. Exp. (3-6), Sosopodon (7-9), Ranau (8), Jesselton (10-14), visiting Tuaran Agriculture Station and mangrove forests (13); Sarawak: Kuching (16-18), visiting Bau (18), Bintulu (19), Nyabau For. Res. (20-27), Bintulu (29), Segan For. Res., Nanga Sopulow (30-July 5), Bintulu (6), to Sibu (7), peat swamp forest (8), Bt Raya (9-11), back at Sibu (12), Bako National Park (14-17), Kuching (18-22), Arboretum Semengoh (20, 23-29); Kuching (30-Aug. 9), visiting Bau Limestone Hills (2), Samariang mangrove forest (5), Mt Medang (8); Malaya: Kuala Lumpur and to Kepong (10), to Kuala Kangsar, Perak, on the way to G. Bubu (12), G. Bubu (13-18); Kepong (19-31), visiting Bt Lagong, Ulu Gombah For. Res. (24), Telok For. Res., Klang (25), Batu Caves limestone hill (26), Kuala Selangor mangrove (28), Sg Meryak, Negri Sembilan (29), Batu Caves (31); to Kuantan, Pahang (Sept. 1), on the way visiting Kemasul For. Res. near Bentong, Menchli For. Res. (2), to Kuala Dungun, Trengganu, on the way visiting Balok For. Res. (3), Kuala Trengganu (4-5), visiting Bukit Bauk For. Res. and Jerangau State Land Forest; return to Kepong (6), to S. Patani, Kedah (8), G. Jerai (Kedah Peak, 9-11); P. Penang (12-15), Botanic Garden and Telok Bahang (13), Penang Hill For. Res. (14), Pandai Achech For. Res., Telok Bahang (15) & Cameron Highlands, Pahang (16-17); Kepong (18), Kuala Lumpur (19-24) and excursion to mangrove forest Klang and Kuala Selangor; Thailand (26-Oct. 3); back in Holland (4).



About 750 nos, partly with material in spirit;2 some wood samples. In Herb. Leiden [L], numbering 115-869, including some cryptogams too.



(1) Ding Hou: ‘Report of a Study-trip on Anacardiaceae to Malaysia and Singapore in 1966’ (stencilled, 23 pp., 3 maps giving routes followed); Fl. Mal. Bull. no 21, 1966, p. 1394-1395.

(2) Ding Hou: ‘Sarawakodendron, a new genus of Celastraceae’ (Blumea 15, 1967, p. 139-143).


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