Hügel, Anatole Freiherr von


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Son of C.A.A. von Hügel (see below), visited several islands in the Pacific in 1875. According to Burkill1 he brought back collections of plants from Ovalau (Fiji), Upolo (Samoa), Duke of York’s Islands (= Neu Lauenburg) and from New Britain (= Neu Pommern). He himself only came as far as the Viti (= Fiji) Archipelago and from there sent his collector C. Walter (see there) with the boat of the Wesleyan Mission to Duke of York Island. The latter collected in that island, and on the opposite coast of the Blanche Bay (New Britain).



Burkill states1 that a large part was lost by a number of accidents; the remaining collections (± 60 nos from New Britain, incl. 9 ferns) were presented to the University Herbarium Cambridge [CGE]. It is this collection from the Bismarck Archipelago, which was mentioned by Schumann & Lauterbach in their ‘Flora der Deutschen Schutzgebiete in der Südsee’ (cf. sub C. von Hügel).



(1) I.H. Burkill: ‘On a collection of plants from New Britain (Neu Pommern)’ (Proc. Cambr. Philos. Soc. 9, 1896, pt 2, p. 90-97).