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Jacobson, Edward Richard


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1870, Frankfurt a/M, Germany, from Dutch parents. Died: 1944, Semarang, Java.



Came to Java in 1892, being in business (firm of Jacobson-van den Berg) till 1910. His entomological and zoological collections date from the year 1904; after 1910 he wholly devoted himself to the study of nature. In 1917 he settled at Fort de Kock, Sumatra West Coast; in 1932 he was awarded the honorary degree of Dr of Sci. by the University of Amsterdam; in 1933 he moved to Bandoeng, W. Java.

Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:

Centr. Java: G. Sindoro (May 23, 1902); G. Merapi (May 22, 1904); W. Java: G. Tangkoeban Prahoe (June 15, 1908).1 Krakatau (1908; probably making zoological collections only).-1913. Islands off the coast of W. Sumatra: Simaloer and surrounding islets, e.g. on P. Babi with W.C. van Heurn (Febr.-Apr.).2-1913-14. Sumatra West Coast: Padang Highlands and Lowlands.-1915. Kerintji Distr. (July-Sept.), summit G. Kerintji (= Peak of Indrapoera) (Aug. 26).-1916. S. Sumatra, Benkoelen Expedition,3 with mantri Ajoeb (see there): Benkoelen; Rimbo Pengadang (June 7-29); Soeban Ajam Estate at the foot of G. Kaba (July 1); bivouac in the forest (1200 m); back to Soeban Ajam (17); by car (early in Aug.) to Pasoemah Estate at the foot of G. Dempo; bivouac near Air Njoeroek; ascent to 2000 m (10); to 3100 m (23); descending (26) to Pasoemah Estate. E. Java: G. Lawoe (Dec.).4-1917. Sumatra West Coast: G. Ophir (= G. Tala(k)mau) (Apr.-June) with Bünnemeyer (itiner. etc. see there); Jacobson came behind B., reaching the summit on June 6th.5 E. Java: G. Lawoe.-1917-32. Mainly Sumatra West Coast: many excursions from Fort de Kock, e.g. to G. Singgalang and G. Merapi, Batang Paloepoeh (Nov.-Dec. 1925), Aneikloof (Apr. 1926); in Sumatra East Coast (1929); peat near Alahan Pandjang (1931), Padang (1932); also on G. Talang.-1932-42. Principally in W. Java: Priangan Res.; in E. Java: G. Idjen (1936) etc.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: large collections of orchids, partly with Groeneveldt and Theunissen (see those),6 but also many other plants and Fungi (some of the latter collected by his daughter Eleonora Jacobson); 550 nos (1-550) + material in spirit from the Benkoelen Exp. with mantri Ajoeb. The numbering is rather confused, e.g. the nos 2311-2809 were collected in 1915, the nos between 2200-2265 were collected in ± 1925-27; in later years he used low numbers again. In Herb. Leiden [L]: Fungi (coll. with van Heurn) and Sumatra phanerogams. In 1925 he sent material of Rafflesia arnoldi and Brugmansia (= Rhizanthes) lowii to the Herb. Linn. Soc. Lond. [LINN].7

In Hort. Bog.: many living orchids, presented in the course of years; in 1921 the whole of his collection, comprising 347 specimens.



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biographical data:

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