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Janowski (or Janowsky), R. Fr.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1880, Mieschitz, Austria.



Temporary Military Surgeon in the D.E.I. Army (1911-14), was attached to the Exploration Detachment in New Guinea,1 from May 1912-Febr. 1914. From the 2nd half of 1913-1914 he was assisted by the Indonesian collector Kornassi (see there).

Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:

Dutch N. New Guinea. 1912. In June exploring: E. coast Geelvink Bay, Moesairo, P. Mambor, Manokwari, Legarè (or Legarei) River; in July: Siriwo River, Giriwo River; Manokwari (Aug.).2 Sept. 28-Nov.: S. coast Geelvink Bay, basin of the Wanggar River, penetrating into the Weijland Mts to 2190 m alt.; march to Hamoekoe, W of the Wanggar mouth and following the Baboeroema River and the middle course of the Wamma River to kp. Kapoerara.3-1913. Apr.-June: basin of the Wanggar River, kp. Oewapa at 2100 m alt. (June 10), proceeding to the highest summit of the Jabi (= Weijland) Mts (3720 m); for want of guides the party went astray on the road back, and all goods which could be dispensed with, were left behind; beach Geelvink Bay (June 26).4 Manokwari (several times in Aug.-Nov.); Mamberamo River (Sept.-Oct.); P. Koeroedoe (Oct.); Toronta (Dec.).-1914. In Jan. E of the Mamberamo : Koeria and Bonggo, Tarvia and Armopa.2



Herb. Bog. [BO]: New Guinea nos 1-637 (coll. 1912-14, incl. 20 from Koeroedoe) (nos 219-300 are wanting in the list preserved at Buitenzorg) + material in alcohol; dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L] and Utrecht [U].

Hort. Bog.: 200 living New Guinea plants, attended to by Korna(s)si (see there).5 



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(2) Data extracted from the list of the collection, which is preserved in the Buitenzorg Herbarium.

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Many orchids described by J.J. Smith in the series ‘Vorläufige Beschreibung Papuanischer Orchideen’; other plants in Nova Guinea vol. 12, and in the ‘Beitr. Flora Papuasiens’ (Engl. Bot. Jahrb. 1912→).


biographical data:

Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.