Collecting localities




Jel(l)inek, Anton


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Horticulturist, attached to the expedition of the Austrian frigate ‘Novara’ (see below). Together with E. Schwarz (see there) he was to undertake the botany department; other members were the geologist Hochstetter (see there), the zoologist Frauenfeld, and K. von Scherzer, the author of the statistical-commercial and the descriptive part of the expedition.1


Collecting localities:

Expedition in the ‘Novara’, 1857-59.1 Sailing from Trieste (Apr. 30,1857); via Gibraltar, Madeira, Rio de Janeiro, Cape of Good Hope, islands of St Paul and Amsterdam, Ceylon, Madras, Nicobars; Singapore (Apr. 15-20, 1858); W. Java (May 5-28): Batavia, Buitenzorg (13), Pondok Gedeh, Gadok, Megamendoeng, Tjipanas (14), G. Pangrango-Gedeh (15-16), Tjibodas, Tjiandjoer (16), Buitenzorg (17-19), Batavia (weighing anchor on the 29th); Philippines, Luzon (June 15-24): at Cavite, Manila, Laguna de Bay, Pasig River, Patero, Los Baños, etc.; sailing via Hongkong, Shanghai, Sydney, Auckland, Tahiti, Valparaiso and Gibraltar; back at Trieste (Aug. 26, 1859).



Herb. Vienna [W]: 2000 phanerogams and 1573 cryptogams ‘Novara’ Exp. + 190 Algae (bequeathed in 1897);2 we do not know whether all of them were collected by Jelinek. Dupl. in Herb. Imp. Gard. St Petersb. (= Leningrad [LE]): several (from Java 159); Herb. Berl. [B]: 200 nos of phanerogams, 140 cryptogams, and 59 vascular cryptogams; Herb. Decand. (Geneva [G]): 145 (8 from Java).



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cf. also Nat. Tijdschr. N.t. 21, 1860, p. 438-441.

‘Reise der Oesterreichischen Fregatte Novara um die Erde in den Jahren 1857, 1858 and 1859, unter den Befehlen des Commodore B. von Wüllerstorf-Urbair’ (Wien 1861-75; 8 sections, narrative by von Scherzer). A popular edition of the narrative by von Scherzer was published too (Volksausgabe 1864-66, 2 vols).

(2) Botany in ‘BotanischerTheil’, 1st vol. (1870) of the 3rd sect. of above-mentioned work. Only 1 part was published, containing Algae, lichens, Fungi, Myxomycetes, Hepaticae and Musci, Ophioglossaceae and Equisetaceae, by Grunow, Krempelhuber, Reichardt, Mettenius, Milde, and Fenzl.

Dr Sitzenberger: ‘Nachtrag zur botanischen Ausbeute der Novara-Expedition’ (Flora N.R. 44, 1886, p. 415-417; lichens of the Cape of Good Hope!).