Collecting localities




Kesslitz, Rainer


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



‘Marine-Commissariats-Adjunct, accompanied the voyage of the Austrian ship ‘Nautilus’ under captain K. Spetzler to eastern Asiatic waters from 1884-87.1


Collecting localities:

Voyage in the ‘Nautilus’, 1884-87.1 Leaving Smyrna (Oct. 20, 1884); Port Said, Aden; S. Sumatra: Benkoelen (Jan. 26-29, 1885); W. Java: Batavia (Febr. 3-11); sailing (12) for Singapore (18-25 stay); NW. Borneo, Sarawak: casting anchor at Pinding (March 3-6), paying a visit to Kuching; Bangkok, Saïgon; Labuan (Apr. 16-18; visit to Brunei on the 18th); Luzon: Manila (23-28); Hongkong and the coast of China; Japan; Hongkong; Singapore (Nov. 5-11); Malay Peninsula: Malacca (13); Sumatra East Coast: De(h)li (15-18; visit to a tobacco plantation on the 16th); Penang (19-20); Rangoon; Moulmein; Siam; Malay Peninsula: Quedah (= Kedah) (21-22); Penang (24-30), in this period visit to Wellesley; N. Sumatra: Acheen (= Atjeh) : Oleh-leh (Jan. 1-4, 1886), from where visit to Kota-Radja; Nias: Goenoengsito(e)li (9-10); Sumatra West Coast: Padang (13-21), casting anchor near P. Pisang; S. Sumatra: Benkoelen (23-26); W. Java: road of Batavia (31-Febr. 5); E. Java: Soerabaja (Febr. 8-16; visit to Solo in Centr. Java, 15-16); Bali: Boeleleng (18-20); Lombok: Ampanam (= Ampenan) (21-22); SW. Celebes: Macassar (Febr. 25-March 2); sighting Salajar and Buton; N. Celebes: Kema (12-16); heading for the Philippines once more; Mindanao: Zamboanga (22); Mindoro: Paluan (29); Luzon: road of Manila (30-Apr. 5); Hongkong; Canton, coast of China, Corea, Wladiwostok, etc.; Japan; Hongkong; Singapore (Oct. 28-31); home voyage (weighing anchor Nov. 1) via Point de Galle, Aden, etc.; Pola (Jan. 18, 1887).



Herb. Vienna [W]: some hundred plants from China, Further India, Borneo and Sumatra (pres. 1889). In the report of the voyage no mention is made of excursions inland, so it will be mostly common stuff.



(1) J. Freiherr von Benko: ‘Die Schiffs-Station der k. and k. Kriegs-Marine in Ost-Asien. Reisen S.M. Schiffe “Nautilus” and “Aurora” 1884-1888’ (Wien 1892, 3 maps).