Collecting localities



Kondo, Yoshio


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1910, Kaeleku, Isl. of Maui, Hawaiian Is.



Malacologist, educated at the University of Hawaii (B.A. 1940, M.A. 1947), taking his Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1955. Previous to his university studies he was employed as a ship steward, electrician, fisherman, diesel engineer, and finally as an Assistant in Malacology in the B. P. Bishop Museum. He accompanied expeditions in Micronesia (1936), Fiji (1938), in the Trust Territories (1949, 1952), and the Philippine-Hawaii Expedition (1957), mainly collecting land mollusca.


Collecting localities:

1957. Philippine-Hawaii Expedition: leaving Honolulu (Jan. 7), arriving at Manila (9), and via Zamboanga (staying 23-26) to the Sulu Archipelago: Siasi I., at Laminusa etc. (26-Feb. 7); Jolo 1. (8-9); Tawitawi I. and Sibutu 1. (10-22); Taganak (22-24, 27); Sandakan (N. Borneo, 25-27); Cagayan Sulu (27-28); Palawan: Balabac (Mar. 1-5), Ursula I. (6), Puerto Princesa (7, 9), Babuing (8); Negros Oriental (11-21); Bohol (23-24); Cebu (21-23); Calamangan, off Leyte (24-25); Leyte: Polompon (25) and nearby Gigantanga I. (26-27); Capul (or Tapul) I. off Samar (27); Naranjo I.: Medio and Rosa (28); Destacado I. (28-29); Masbate, Deagan I. and Homoraon islet (30); Ticao: Bagababoy (31); Burias: Tinalisayan (Apr. 1); Mindoro: Puerto Galera and Golo I. (3); back at Manila (4).



No botanical field note books were kept; in most instances the material was flown back to the Philippine Nat. Museum for numbering and drying there. In Herb. Manila [PNH] and in B.P. Bish. Mus. Herb. Honolulu [BISH].