Collecting localities




Koster, Christiaan


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1922, Madioen, Java.



Motor-fitter who for some time before World War II was employed by the Zoological Museum and the Forestry Service at Buitenzorg; he went to West New Guinea in 1950. From Oct. 1951 in the employ of the Forestry Service at Hollandia, where his work entails the regular collecting of plants. He left New Guinea October 1962; in 1969 he tried to get an employment in Surinam.


Collecting localities:

West New Guinea, after Oct. 1951: with P. van Royen (see there) in the vicinity of Sorong-Steenkool; in the sample plots near the Prafi, in the island Noemfoor, and in the vicinity of Hollandia and Maroeni.-1956. Polimac near Hollandia (Jan. 31); Cyclops Mts (Feb. 9-20); Meos Waar in Geelvink Bay (June 20-July 6, c. 125 nos); Oransbari (July 21-23); Kaloal in Salawati (Oct. 4-30, c. 240 nos); Hollandia (Dec. 12).-1957. Vicinity of Hollandia (Jan.), Hamadi near Hollandia (Feb. 1); Cyclops Mts (March 12-22, c. 60 nos); Tafelberg near Manokwari (July 2); Manggoapi, Manokwari (July 6); Tafelberg (25-26), Soawi-Rendani (31), Amban (Aug. 2); Pami River plateau (Aug. 20-21), Pami River valley 22-27); Sidei (Sept. 17-Oct. 21, c. 200 nos); Kebar Valley, P. Adi.-1958. W. part of Arfak Plain (Sidei, Wariki) (July-Aug.), Kebar Valley (Oct.-Nov.).-1959. Sarmi Hinterland (Bodei) (Jan.-Feb.).-19601 Starting for Mt Krabo (Arfak Mts) from Maruni (Oct. 31), collecting mainly on the crest (900-1060 m) (Nov. 1-8); leaving Mt Krabo and returning to Manokwari (9).-1961. Arfak Plain (Woseggi-Masni) (Feb.), Japen I. (Soemberbaba, Woda, Aisao) (June-July), Andai area near Manokwari (Oemboei, Andai, Oesiabi, Beri-creek, Maroeni, Warmare) (Nov. 10-Dec. 17).-1962. Wandammen Peninsula (Wondiwoi Mts, Wasior) (Feb. 24-Mar. 16), Arfak Mts with Chr. Versteegh (see there) (May 16-28),2 Andai area (Warmare) (June 20-26), Meos Noem (July 31-Aug. 11).-From 1957-62 in the surroundings of Manokwari.



In the B.W. (cf. Boswezen Nieuw Guinea) series; Herb. Leiden [L] and Manokwari [MAN]; in 1957 ± 900 nos.



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(2) Cf. W. Vink in Nova Guinea, Bot. 22, 1965, p. 493.