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Kraepelin, Emil


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1856, Neustrelitz, Germany. Died: 1926, Munich, Germany.



Studied medicine in Würzburg and Leipzig, specializing in neurology and psychiatry, and working in Leipzig, Munich, and Dresden. In 1886 Professor of psychiatry at Dorpat University, from 1891-1903 at Heidelberg, and from 1903 in Munich.

Having a large interest in nature, he often accompanied his elder brother Karl (see there) on tours in the alps, the Mediterranean, etc., and in 1904 to the tropics (see below). Whereas Karl made the zoological collections, Emil took care of plant collecting, at least in 1904.

Though his publications exclusively deal with his discipline, he wrote a diary (letters to his wife) during his tour to the East, which was preserved.1


Collecting localities:1

1904. By ship (Dec. 23, 1903) from Genoa to Ceylon (staying Jan. 10-Feb. 4), paying a visit to S. India (Jan. 29-Feb. 1); proceeding to Singapore (staying Feb. 13-19): Botanic Garden, Bt Timah (15), Serangoon R.; West & Central Java (Feb. 21-Apr. 1): Buitenzorg Botanic Garden, Tjampea (Mar. 11), Borobudur (17), G. Papandajan (22), Situ Bagendit (23), Tjibodas (24-29), Tjibadak and G. Gedé (26), G. Pangrango (27), Tjibörröm (= Tjibeureum) (29), Buitenzorg (30); sailing Apr. 2, making short stays in Penang and Colombo, reaching Genoa on Apr. 28.



Herb. Munich [M] (see Liter. 1, p. 25).



(1) H. Weidner: ‘Karl and Emil Kraepelin’s Studienreise nach Indien and Java im Jahre 1904. Aus dem Brieftagebuch von Emil Kraepelin ausgewählt, eingeleitet and mit Anmerkungen versehen’ (Abh. Verb. Naturw. Ver. Hamb. 16, 1972, p. 19-72, 12 Abb., 2 Karten).


biographical data:

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