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Liautaud, Augustin Pierre Joseph Louis


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1812, Toulon, France.



Surgeon who was for 28 years in the employ of the French Navy, and retired in 1860. He accompanied the voyage of the ‘Danaïde’ (1839-43),1 and received his instructions for botanical collecting from Gaudichaud.2 Notwithstanding his good intentions botany was much neglected during the expedition and the results were pretty poor. The zoological collection was made with Jaurès, a naval officer.


Collecting localities:

Voyage in ‘La Danaïde’, 1839-43.1 Only partly known. Sailing from Callao (Oct. 29, 1839); Guiayaquil; Panama (Dec. 25); in 1841 from Singapore to Luzon (P.I.): Manila (arrival June 2); entering the harbour of Cavite (5); July 10 still at Manila; from Macao (Aug. 30); Hongkong (leaving Sept. 5); Amoy etc., on the coast of China; Chusan; Macao (early Nov.); after some days sailing for Luzon (Manila) once more.



Herb. Paris [P]: 173 botanical specimens and medicinal herbs, including some from the Philippines; inadequate for identification.



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biographical data:

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