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Macklot, Heinrich Christian


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1799, Frankfurt a/M, Germany. Died: May 12, 1832, Poerwakarta, Java.



Pharmacist, later promoted surgeon, who at first was on the staff of the Natural History Museum at Leiden and in 1823 was appointed a member of the ‘Natuurkundige Cornmissie’ for the Dutch East Indies, where he did not arrive before June 1826. He made zoological investigations in West Java1 and visited New Guinea and Timor in 1828-29 in the corvette ‘Triton’ (cf. Zipelius).2 In May 1831 he made a journey along the N. coast of Java and back via the S. coast; on July 22 of the same year he climbed G. Salak in W. Java.

The results of his work were lost by fire during the revolt of the Chinese at Poerwakarta from May 8-9, 1832; he himself was murdered some days later. A monument in his honour was erected and can be found behind the house of the District Officer at Krawang, near the right bank of the Tjitaroem; it is embraced by a banyan tree (Backer MS.).

The genus Macklottia Korth. was named in his honour.



His entomological collections in the Museum at Leiden. Botanical collections might have been made.



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cf. also sub Zipelius.


biographical data:

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