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Marche, Alfred


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)



French explorer, collector of mainly ethnographical, anthropological, and zoological objects. Before his Philippine travels, he visited W. Africa.


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1st Voyage to the Philippines, 1879-81. Embarking at Toulon (July 20, 1879); Singapore (Aug. 22-27); P. Pinang (= Penang) (30), from where making a trip to the Malay Peninsula: Prov. Wellesley (Oct. 22), Larut (23), Kuala Kangsar (24), district of the ‘orang sakai’ with H. Low (arriving Nov. 7), and via Batang-Padang and the Perak River back to the coast, and Penang (Nov. 18); Singapore (Nov. 22-Dec. 1); Philippines, Luzon: Manila (arrival Dec. 9); Jala-Jala (Dec. 25-Jan. 17, 1880); trip to the coast opposite Polillo, with S. Vidal, via Santa Maria, Siniloan to Binangonan de Lampon, Febr. 4 back at Jala-Jala, excursion to Boso-Boso (or Bosu-Bosu, mountains N of Laguna de Bay), and to the mines at Angat (with Vidal); back to Manila, setting out (Apr. 20) to the region SE of the town (with Vidal): by boat to Santa Cruz, and proceeding on foot to Pagsa(n)jan, Mahayhay (21) and Lugban; trip to Sampaloe; via Tayabas to Sariaya, making base camp till May 23; via Candelaria (24), Tiaon, to Dolores, making another base camp; ascent of Mt San Cristobal (June 1), and trips in the environs of Dolores; back in northern direction via San Pablo and Calauan to Laguna de Bay; Manila (July 19-Aug. 15, earthquakes etc.); trip to the north: by boat to Lingayen Bay, debarking at Sual (17), and making some trips in the environs to Dagupan, Mangaldan, San Jacinto, Manroy, Binalalang, San Manuel, Asigan, Urdanete, San Carlos, Malasigni, Bajamhang, and Alcala, returning to Lingayen; Sept. 3 along the coast heading north to San Fabian, Santo Thomas, Agoo, and Aringay, from where visiting the Igorottes of Benguet Prov. going in eastern direction (Sept. 6- ) via Bonga, Galiano and Trinidad (or La Trinité), and back via Tagudin (Ilocos Sud), Santa Cruz, Candon; from Candon (21) in SE. direction to Lepanto Distr. and the central chain, visiting Salcedo, Lingay, Cervantes, Mt Data, back at Cervantes (28), Cayan, and back to the coast; from Candon (Oct. 6) in N. direction to Santiago, Santa Maria, Narvacan, Vigan, Masingal, Lapog, Sinay, Batag (or Badog), Loag, Pasuquin; back in S. direction to Salomague, and by boat to Lingayen Gulf, debarking at Sual; partly by sea, partly by land, to Laminosa (Zambales Prov.); from Sual crossing to Manila via Lingayen, San Carlos, Tarlac, Bacolor, Bulacan; crossing the lake to Tunasan, and foot Mt Maquiling; trip to Pagsajan (Dec. 15), Lumbang, Longos, Paeté, Paquil, Siniloan, Binangonan (21); back at Manila (30); from Manila (Jan. 6, 1881) to Taal Volcano in Bombon Lake, climbing it; to the Camarines and Albay Peninsula (SE. Luzon): by boat (20) to Abra de Pasacoa, and proceeding into the interior, Nueva Cacéras (or Naga), Limanan Caves, Yriga, Daraga (near Albay), Legaspi, and in N. direction to Tabaco; back at Manila (March 20); setting out (Apr. 13) to Marinduque (isl. S of SE. Luzon, E of Mindoro); debarking at Boac, visiting several caves (20-25), by boat to Gazan (S of Boac), crossing the island (May 2) to Santa Cruz de Nano (staying till July 4); back at Manila (July 12); to Isl. Catanduañes (Aug. ) (E of SE. Luzon), crossing from Tabaco (25), debarking at Codon, proceeding to Tacloban, making trips in N. direction as far as Caramoran, and in S. direction to Birac (or Virac) and environs; by boat to Legaspi and Manila, and sailing (Dec. 15) for France.-2nd Voyage to the Philippines, 1883-85. Arriving in Luzon: Manila (Jan. 14, 1883); stay at Jala-Jala (Jan. 28- ), making trips along the coasts of Laguna de Bay; back to Manila; setting out (May 9) to Isl. Marinduque (arriving 10); sailing from Santa Cruz (29) to Laguimanoc in S. Luzon, and (June 6) to Palaouan (= Palawan), debarking at Puerto Princesa, making excursions to Bay of Honda, Tapul River and Bahele River (June-Aug.); by boat (Sept. 14) to Dumaran Isl. (E of N. Palawan), Cuyo Isl. (20); returning (Oct. 3) to Puerto Princesa via Dumaran; setting out (Nov. 2) on a boat tour (22 days) along the E. coast to Dumaran Isl. and further to the north, visiting the islands Maitiaguit (Nov. 18 and 19, making some trips), Icadambanuan, and Poly; back at Puerto Princesa (23); in Dec. trips in the environs; in Jan. 1884 a fortnight’s rest on account of dysentery; to Manila for shipment of collections, and sailing to isl. Balabac, Soulou (= Jolo), Basilan (Febr. 20), Zamboanga (Mindanao, 20), Soulou (hunting a few hours in the environs), and Balabac (staying March 10-Apr. 5, hunting etc.); Palawan: Puerto Princesa, leaving (Apr. 8) for trip to River Yguahit (in S. direction); trip by boat (21) to Tapul, crossing the island to Ulugan Bay on the W. coast (arriving 24), next days exploring the bay; to the Calamianes (June 4); Culion (5-17), Busuanga (18-Oct. 6), in the latter island making several trips in the interior, to the N (Aug. 20), visiting the islands Peñon de Coron (20-25), Mayao-Payao (27), Dibatac, and returning to Mal(a)bato in SE. Busuanga; by boat (Oct. 7) to Culion, proceeding (8) to Manila; to Jolo (Soulou Islands) (27), and (30) via the islands Siassi, Tara (Nov. 15), Lapac (20), to Bongoa, making explorations and visiting isl. Simonor (Dec. 3); back to So(u)lo(u) (8, debarking 10); sailing (26) for Palawan (arriving 30), Puerto Princesa; embarking (Jan. 1, 1885) for Manila, and with broken health to Singapore (arriving Febr. 28), returning to France via Cochin-China, arriving at Marseilles (Apr. 25).



He mainly made zoological and anthropological collections. Herb. Paris [P]: Philippine plants, > 450 nos.2 He might have collected in Malacca too.



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‘Rapport général sur une mission a la Presqu’ile Malacca et aux Iles Philippines’ (Arch. Miss. Scient. III, 10, 1883, 331-372, 3 maps).

The itinerary is not very satisfactory, M.’s reports lack clearness, and often data from different papers do not agree.

(2) Some plant lists of his 2nd voyage in Arch. Herb. (Phanérog.) Paris.


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