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Martin, (Johann) Karl (Ludwig)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1851, Oldenburg, Germany. Died: 1942, Leiden, Holland.



Geologist and mineralogist, educated in Germany, who took his Ph. Dr’s degree in 1874 at Göttingen; 1877-1921 Professor of Palaeontology, Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Leiden (Holland), since 1878 besides Director of the Geological Museum.

The fifth volume of the Leidsche Geol. Meded. was dedicated to him.


Collecting localities:

Moluccan Expedition, 1891-92.1 Sailing from Genoa (Sept. 24, 1891); Java: Batavia (Oct. 24), staying a week at Buitenzorg and subsequently embarking (Nov. 3) to Ambon (arriving the 27th): setting out (Dec. 5) for the first extensive tour to Soja, Hatalai and Ema, to the Bay of Hurukila, and along the beach to Lea Hari, by sea to Tandjung Hutu Muri and Hutu Muri, by land to Rutung and returning (10) across Leitimor Peninsula; through Hitu (13-17); Rumatiga, crossing to Hitu, ascent of the Wawani (highest summit Tunahuhu, 903 m alt.) (16), and back to Rumatiga (17); trip to the isthmus of Passo (18); Saparua (Dec. 22, 1891-Jan. 29, 1892); Nusalaut (Jan. 30-Febr. 2); Saparua (Febr. 3-5); Haruku (5-9); Saparua (9-10); Ambon (11-15); Seran (= Ceram): Hatusua (16-18), by ‘orembai’ (kind of proa) to Kaibobo (19), exploring Piru Bay, by sea to Piru (21), and Ruin (22), making a trip inland and proceeding by boat to Lok(k)i; Lulu (23-25), crossing to Kambello (26), by sea to Tandjung Sial and Tandjung Lauma, and back to Hatusua (29) via P. Kasa; via Kairatu (March 3) to Honitetu and the neighbouring Rumatiga (5), from where returning (6) on account of the hostile attitude of the natives to Kairatu and Hatusua; by ‘orembai’ (evening of the 9th) to Ruin and crossing to Katania; P. Buano (= Boano) (10-12); Nuniali on the N. coast (14), and inland to Wakollo; back at Nuniali (15); by boat via Kawa (16) to Katania (17), and back to Hatusua; sailing (21) via Paulohi (23) to Amahei (= Amahai) (24-26), to Makariki (27) and Rumasosal (28) (the latter two places on Elpaputih Bay); crossing to the north, Sawaï Bay (= Seleman Bay): via the watershed G. Lumute (Apr. 2 summit), reaching the N. coast (3) at a point somewhat W of Pasania; on foot along the coast to Slemann (= Seleman) (4); by proa to Wahaï (5), and to Sawaï (8) and back to Wahaï (10); to Ajer Besar (19), the Toluarang (20), following it downstream to Pasahari (21), and by boat back to Wahai (22); by boat to Hatusua (26) and back (27), and proceeding to Amahei (28); Buru: Kajeli (arriving Apr. 30), making minor tours in the vicinity, along the beach, in the river beds, to Kakusan (May 6-7), by boat to Leliali and back (12-13); Waëpote (= Waepoetih) (16-18), and in southeastern direction: Wakollo, near Lake Wakollo (= Lake Rana) (25-28) and proceeding to Kawiri on the south coast (June 2); Tifu (3-4), Mefa (5-6) and from Tifu (7) by boat via Foggi (8) (W. Miting, collecting Trichosanthes n. sp.), P. Foggi, P. Tenga(h) and P. Tomahu, Bara (11-12), Wa(ë)mangi (13-14), Wamlana (14-15), Waepote (15), back to Kajeli (17); to the Waë Apu (= Wai Apoe) (18), ascending it and on foot to Wabloï; proceeding upstream, partly on foot to Bamang (20), returning the same day to Kajeli; tour to the Batubua (= Batakboeal) (24-27; according to Martin the summit is 1410 m alt., according to the newest atlas 1731 m, so it seems possible that he did not reach the summit proper), collecting Dacrydium elatum Wall., Nepenthes boschiana Korth., etc.; Kajeli (June 27-July 6); Ambon (July 7-22, ill!); returning via Makassar to Batavia (arrival Aug. 1), and sailing for Europe on the 10th.



Herb. Leiden [L]: Hepaticae and phanerogams. Probably the collection is but small and the material incomplete.



(1) K. MARTIN: ‘Reisen in den Molukken, in Ambon, den Uliassern, Seran (Ceram) and Buru. Fine Schilderung von Land and Leuten’ (Leiden 1894, w. 50 pl., 1 map, etc.). The geological part was published in 1903.

cf. also Verh. Ges. Erdk. Berl. 1894, p. 506-512, pl. 12.


biographical data:

Leidsche Geol. Meded. 5, 1931, p. i-iv, 1-20, w. bibliogr. and 2 portr.; Wie is dat? 1938, p. 274; Umbgrove in Geologie en Mijnbouw, Nov.-Dec. 1942.