Collecting localities




Modigliani, Elio


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1860. Died: 1932.



Anthropologist-zoologist who travelled in Sumatra and some islands west of it, between the years 1886-94.


Collecting localities:

1886. W. Sumatra and P. Nias.1 Staying in W. Java, Batavia (March 15-23); Padang; Siboga (arriving Apr. 1); G. Sitoli on Nias (Apr. 14- );2 P. Nakko (= ? Hinako Isls) (June 27);3 G. Sitoli on Nias (Aug.); via Padang and Koetaradja (N. Sumatra) to Singapore.-1890-91. N. Sumatra, Batak Lands.4 Tapanoeli: Padangsidimpoean (Oct. 4, 1890), Siboga (Oct. 8), Pangheran Pisang (10), Taroetoeng (12-14); Batak Lands: Si Borong Borong (15), Balige (Toba) (Oct. 16-Nov. 17), Si Rambč (Nov. 19-Dec. 18), Bandar Pulo (= Bandar poelau), Tandjong Balai (Jan. 4, 1891), Balige (Jan. 25-March 2); back to Siboga (staying March 14-Apr. 3); Padang (Apr. 16); via Benkoelen to P. Enggano.5-1894. Mentawai Islands:6 Sipora.



Herb. Geneva [G]: 10 Musci from P. Enggano (purch. 1898). He evidently collected hepatics in Enggano too;7 as to phanerogams no data are available.

His entomological collections are in Mus. Civ. Stor. Nat., Genoa.



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